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Endeavour Wellness Clinic

Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

Member since 2014

Nutritional Medicine incorporates natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary considerations, highlights the importance of the healing power of nature and good diet habits.

Health assessment Eczema Natural health Adults Headaches Physical pain Gua sha Asthma Elderly Purpose

Rachael Dunn

About Open Connections Wellness Clinic

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

Member since 2010

Open Connections Wellness Clinic - 26 years   Kinesiology Hypnotherapy Counseling Naturopathy NLP Mediation   on line and in Holland Park West, Brisbane.

Headaches Nervous system Mediation Grief Natural health Sadness Tension Personal issues Habits Joy

Move Health Services Group Pty Ltd

MOVE Osteopathy

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2005

MOVE Osteopathy’s team assist in the diagnosis and treatment of Musculoskeletal pain. We’re in 4 handy locations - call to hear how we can help today!  

Pregnancy support Spinal pain Stretches Elderly Posture Headaches Hormonal imbalance Taping Sleep disorders Sciatica

Leisa Tuite

Naturopath To You

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2017

With 8 years of experience and passionate about helping individuals reach their health goals in the comfort of their own home...

Depression Inflammation Intolerance Stress management Food intolerance Detoxification Natural medicine Anxiety Business Vitality

Barbara Jamesson

Optimal Life Centre

Brisbane, 4000

Member since 2016

Helping you Become the Best You can Be Through Health, Wealth and Harmony

Conflict resolution Vision Telehealth Business Focus Communication Learning difficulties Coaching Stress

Douglas Mizzi

Food Intolerance Testing - 100% Safe - No Needles

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2005

Specialising in Bio Dermal Food Intolerance Testing, for Women, Children & Men. Offering Effective & Proven Recovery & Treatments Plans since 1990. No Needles, 100% Safe . Highly Experienced. Using the latest Fully Computerised Bio Dermal Testing Facility helping identify correctly food & environmental triggers in conjunction with specialised immune support to effect a long and lasting recovery without the use of drugs*. Servicing Medical Doctors...

Candida Infections Cravings Cancer management Memory Sleep disorders Sinus congestion Migraine Breakdown Rashes

Oasis Natural Health Centres

Oasis Children and Community Foundation

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2013

 Oasis Children and Community Foundation Limited (OCCF) is a not-for-profit charity that provides complementary therapeutic massage to children with disabilites and chronic illness throughout Australia, and empowers the children's carers, by way of knowledge and skills obtained through the massage performed on their children.

Menopause Wellness Abuse Lifestyle Vibrational medicine Stress management Healthy eating Stroke Tension Pregnancy support

Lisa Duggan

Lisa Duggan Art Therapist

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2008

Need someone to talk to.... The stress of work, family, relationships, ill-health, even the loss of someone close or the sense...

Trauma Well-being Lifestyle Growth Life transitions Grief Depression Stress management Loss Personal growth

Morkare Natural Clinic

Morkare Natural Clinic - Brisbane leading natural health clinic for women and children

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2009

Brisbane's leading women and children clinic whose core purpose is to help women and children stay happy and healthy by providing quality integrative natural health care

Purpose Menopause Chronic health issues Pain relief Asthma Alternative medicine Facial rejuvenation Online consultations Ear infection Transformation

Sue Suchocki

About Applied Techniques and Learnability Online Hub

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2017

APPLIED TECHNIQUES TRAINING and LEARNABILITY ONLINE HUB - SUE SUCHOCKI - EMOTIONOLOGIST Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); ADHD/ASD; Parenting Support and Early Childhood Behaviour Management. Discovery, Growth and Solutions - Group or Online Workshops Face-to-Face and Online Consultations.

Negative emotions Attention deficit Business Boundaries Blame Fears Learning difficulties Adults Love Guilt

Total Health 'From Inside Out' Pty Ltd

Total Health 'From Inside Out' Pty Ltd

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2004

Natural Medicine and Holistic Health Clinic:  Natural Medicine & Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathic Health Checks, Muscular Skeletal Therapy, Holistic Sports Medicine, Detox and Weight Management.  Herbal Remedies, Supplements, Complementary Therapies, Corporate Health Services & Health Retreats supporting children, adults and older persons.

Autoimmune disease Body alignment Death Skin problems Cancer management Self-love Vitiligo Physical health Mental health Autism

Buteyko Health

Buteyko Health - Buteyko Breathing

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2006

Improve your health & wellbeing by changing your breathing, when you organise your next professional Buteyko Breathing session with Brian here at Buteyko Health

Insomnia Health issues Stress management Infections Fatigue Allergies Circulation Anxiety Migraine Cramps

Lesley McConnell

Hypnobalance - Hypnotherapy Treatments

Brisbane, 4000

Member since 2012

Hypnotherapy is effective and fast, with research showing that it can work approximately a third faster than more conventional methods of therapy.

Energy Motivation Phobias Subconscious Stress management Public speaking Joy Telehealth Relaxation Weight management

Deidre Evans

Neuro Linguistic Programming - New DAE Life Consultancy

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2014

With NLP you learn to think generatively rather than remedially. You learn to look for newer and more creative approaches to lifes challenges rather just trying to fix what is not working.

Love Negative emotions Cancer management Telehealth Vision Joy Emotions Fears Assessments Chronic pain

Cheyne Thompson

Clayfield Chiropractic Clinic

Albion, QLD, 4010

Member since 2006

Enjoy the benefits of SOT and other low force techniques employed by our highly qualified and experienced team. Cheyne's interest in paediatric care ensures the very best in health and comfort for all the family.Shaun and Laura are interested in rehabilitation and general health for all ages.

Paediatrics Joy Scoliosis Aura

Brendon Groves

Certified Naturopathic Practitioners

New Farm, 4005

Member since 2014

Find out how naturopathy treats the root cause of the symptoms of a disease to prevent it from coming back.

Weight management Stress management Menopause Cramps Digestive system Pain management Habits Pregnancy support Colic Prostate problems

Jane Lindsay Registered Homeopath

Jane Lindsay Homeopath - Childrens Health

Kalinga, QLD, 4030

Member since 2009

Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children because it’s gentle, remedies are easy to dispense and more palatable than many conventional medicines. If you’d like your child to experience a gentle medical system, call Jane Lindsay to chat about how...

Ovarian cysts Allergies Facial Food intolerance Complementary therapies Cancer management Tension Chronic pain Night terrors Obsessive

Susan Blackshaw

Homeopathic Consultation Services (Personal & Online)

Ashgrove, QLD, 4060

Member since 2007

Susan Blackshaw offers Homoeopathy for you and your family from the convenient location of Ashgrove 

Inflammation Emotional wellbeing Emotions Face to face appointments Leadership Stress management Chronic health issues Vitality Wellness Anxiety

Christine Reynolds

Restore Nutrition

Ashgrove, QLD, 4060

Member since 2017

Digestive Health NutritionThe health of your digestive system is the cornerstone of your wellbeing.

Depression Energy Intolerance Autoimmune disease Anxiety Heart disease Pets Inflammation Hormones Stress management

Stacey Francis

Stacey Francis

Nundah, QLD, 4012

Member since 2006

In my work I have a love for offering nutritional guidance in it's most simple, essential life form, food, whilst working with a network of medical practitioners and other alternative health practitioners for people of all ages including babies and children.

Telehealth Bodywork Menopause Osteoarthritis Love Arthritis Allergies Weight management Lupus Immunity

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