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Pauline Harry - Energetic Theta Healing

Pauline Harry

Black Rock VIC 3193

Servicing area: Bayside, Kingston, PortPhillip, Glen Eira, Melbourne, Stonnington

Pauline Harry - Energetic Theta Healing

Pauline Harry of Facilitator of Change offers ThetaHealing® to help you to dissolve energy blocks and unhelpful thought forms from this and past lives. if you're ready to move forward using a simple, efficient healing system, call Pauline to hear how she can help.



Facilitator of Change - ThetaHealing®



Thetahealing® is a powerful energetic healing technique that combines science and spirituality to release personal blocks and barriers, let go of past shock and trauma and free yourself from unhelpful beliefs and mind chatter. Thetahealing® is a life-changing technique - if you’re looking to find the joy, happiness, fun and laughter that you feel is lacking in your life and want to open up to new possibilities and more positive ways of feeling and thinking, Thetahealing® may be just the thing for you.



There are five major frequencies in the human brain (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta). These brain waves can all be used at any one time, but depending on the situation only one frequency is more dominant at any given point. When we’re in deep states of meditation, hypnotic states or when drifting off to sleep, the THETA brain wave is the dominant frequency.

Scientists have found that the theta brain frequency has the following benefits:


    • alleviates stress


    • reduces anxiety


    • facilitate deep relaxation


    • improves mental clarity


    • enhances creative thinking


    • reduces pain


    • promotes euphoria


    • provides access to instant healing



ThetaHealing® enables you to deal with physical or emotional issues that are occurring or have occurred in your life efficiently and easily. The ThetaHealing® method facilitates the relinquishing of old unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs that can lead to illness or blocks that may affect your life negatively. Changes can be felt instantly via special techniques, and can be employed to help you gain financial abundance, achieve personal freedom, unlock your own genius and resolve issues from your past without the need to relive them over and over. Theta is a consciousness expanding technique.



I work from a heart-centred perspective and when I am in the theta brain state, I can facilitate the changes needed to break through thought-forms and barriers. Together we can unravel any blockages you may be holding in your conscious and/or subconscious mind and body. With pure intention, I assist my clients to achieve their highest and best outcomes. 

When you have a Theta session with me, I will motivate, educate and hold you responsible for living up to your truest and highest potential, so you don’t have to struggle for years to discover who you really are and break free from unwanted patterns that no longer serve you. You can then move forward and be free to live your life as a limitless being with unlimited potential. All you have to do to achieve this is be an open and willing participant and truly want to give up what is no longer serving you, so that the changes can take place.


If this style of healing work resonates with you, call me, visit my Facilitator of Change website or click on one of the buttons below.


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