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Five Elements - Acupuncture & Private Midwifery


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique based on the energetic system of meridians within the body. Treatment is determined using theories of disease and diagnosis that have been practiced for over 5000 years. Dietary and lifestyle advice, along with techniques of cupping, moxibustion, ear-candling and massage can be combined with your acupuncture treatment.

What can Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can be used to address a wide range of physical and emotional issues including:

    • Musculoskeletal problems


    • Sports injuries


    • Pain conditions


    • Gynaecological disorders


    • Including menstrual and menopausal symptoms


    • Natural fertility


    • IVF support


    • Pregnancy care


    • Post-natal support


    • Digestive disorders


    • Lack of energy


    • Psychological conditions such as stress


    • Depression and anxiety


    • Insomnia


    • Dermatological conditions


Nadia has had over 14 years experience treating a wide range of conditions in men, women and children. She has a special interest in providing support for women during pregnancy, labour and the post natal period. Also a mother, Nadia has had insight into the experience, fears and challenges that can present in motherhood, enhancing her practical ability and opening the door to working along side the MAMA midwives in Kensington. Over the last decade, she has used acupuncture to support hundreds of women through their journey from pre-conception to birth and beyond. She has experience treating women in the pre-conception stage, supporting couples through IVF, addressing symptoms in pregnancy, turning breech babies and preparing for childbirth, as well as pain relief and support during labour. Nadia works with you to design a treatment approach that meets your needs, and is commited to delivering high quality healthcare.

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Alex and Amber from Body, Birth and Baby are Five Elements' resident midwives. 

Body, Birth & Baby is a holistically minded private midwifery practice, with a health and wellness-based approach to educating on all things body, birth and baby. We offer antenatal shared care for women planning to birth in hospital but wanting a more personalised approach to their pregnancy care and once-off (or more if desired) education appointments for any women using any model of care, including women being cared for by a private obstetrician. We are passionate about empowering women by educating them, using an evidence-based approach and we will help you to make informed choices confidently.

We will teach you about how best to maintain a healthy, active pregnancy, and about how your body works and how to encourage your baby to get into an optimal position for birthing. We will help you to remove the fear you may have around going into labour and giving birth and show you how everything you need is already within you and how to optimise your birthing experience.

We also offer a home visiting service after your baby is born. We are very passionate about supporting women to breastfeed and teaching women about normal newborn behaviour. We are able to visit women in Melbourne at home for the first six weeks with medicare rebates available. This offers mothers and their families an extra level of support in what can be an unfamiliar and challenging time.

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A range of fertility and pregnancy services are available at Five Elements for both men and women. Just click here to find out more about the treatments we provide or just give us a call on the number below to talk to one of our practitioners




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All practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate boards. Health Insurance claims may also be made.

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