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Find out how you can achieve your ideal weight in less than two months without any pain?

Groves Lifestyle Diet & Weight Loss Program

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Bahrs Scrub, New Farm & Brisbane QLD

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Arthritis Coeliac disease Eczema Feeding Hormonal imbalance Infertility

What is the Groves Lifestyle Diet?

Have you tried everything to achieve your ideal weight, but to no avail? Groves Naturopathics in Bahrs Scrub QLD recommends the Groves Lifestyle Diet, a weight loss program that tackles the underlying factors of your weight gain.

Many people suffer from weight issues due to stress, emotional eating, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle habits, pharmaceutical drugs, genetics and many other reasons. The Groves diet program has helped our clients lose six to eight kilos during their first 5-week module.

This program took Brendan two years to complete as he immersed himself in extensive research, various recipes, trial and error, writing and fine-tuning. His hard work paid off as he was able to produce the perfect weight loss program that yields positive results.

Brendan even became his own guinea pig when he tried the program himself and lost 8.5 kgs in just a matter of five weeks. 

How Does the Groves Lifestyle Diet Work?

Unlike other diet plans, what we’re offering isn’t a DIY program. Before we can prescribe the Groves Lifestyle Diet, we will hold an initial consultation first to assess your health, check your case history, discuss your concerns, and conduct pathology tests if necessary. 

As soon as we have identified the root cause of your weight gain, Brendan can adjust the diet program to suit your needs. For the first five weeks, you will stick to three staple meals a day and tailored supplements. Your succeeding appointments with Brendan can be held face-to-face in our clinic, by phone or through a communication platform on the internet.

Once you’ve reached the maintenance phase of your treatment, your monthly appointments will be spaced out every three months. In addition, Brendan will  take you off your initial diet plan and introduce you to new food groups to further your progress.

In the final phase of the Groves program, your meetings with Brendan will be limited to four or six times a year, but you may contact him anytime for any concerns regarding your diet program. By this time, you will have shed off the weight and be spending your days applying everything that you have learned in the maintenance phase.

Book an appointment to learn more about the Groves Lifestyle Diet program.

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