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Jan 2018

Harmonia Health

Contact Name Harmonia Health
Phone (03) 9690 1169
Mobile 0418984859
Address South Melbourne VIC 3205
Harmonia Health is a place where we can focus on ourselves, inside and out. A place where the best natural therapists in town share their ideas and a place where you can feel at home. A place where you can choose to live well.

Harmonia Health

Your health and wellbeing is our utmost priority. Our state of the art Wellness Centre offers an individual experience where you can achieve a deep state of balance and relaxation. Through a range of treatments, our experienced practitioners will employ a natural and holistic approach towards your health to effectively remove any pain or discomfort in your body.

Our therapeutic treatments look to stimulate the energy flow in and around the body by working directly and specifically with the energy systems. Through the removal and clearing of blockages and encouraging the removal of toxins from the body, we can help to develop balance on an emotional, mental, and physical level whilst also encouraging the body’s own internal innate healing capacities to work at their optimal potential.

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