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Healys Natural Therapies
Crystal Light Healing is a sacred crystal healing technique.

Healys Natural Therapies - Crystal Healing

We all have crystalline in our make-up this is why crystals work by affecting our vibrational rate, bringing us closer towards optimal health. I have always had a keen interest in crystals. I started to look into and research them. I then went on to do sources that use crystals, being Crystal Light Healing and I am now a qualified practitioner. Crystal Essences have been used for many years to heal patients. Every crystal has its very own specific and unique vibrational frequency. Crystal essence drops are able to work within the cellular matrix to reach the client’s body on a profound level. This will modify their cellular vibrations which balances the bodies makeup. Being in this type of harmony will allow for happiness, joy and love. Crystals assist us to break free from that which we no longer need, they help to heal clear and recover our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

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About Healys Natural Therapies Hi, my name is Donna Healy.
Healys Natural Therapies - Reiki Reiki was developed by Dr Usui a Japanese Buddhist in 1922.

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