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Helly Beks - Forensic Healer/Spiritual Healer/Workshops

Address Northcote Wellness Centre
9 Langwells Pde
Northcote VIC 3070
Mobile 0403 018 728

Advanced, investigative, intuitive Energy Healing to pinpoint and clear, the root cause of your condition, at DNA level.  Connecting mind/body/soul and science. Mentoring to help you reboot your life, and discover your peace, passion and purpose.

About Helly Beks - Forensic Healer/Spiritual Healer/Workshops

About Helly

Helly Beks is a Holistic Healer and Spiritual Teacher who has a passion and purpose to show everyday people how to connect with their inner peace, by connecting science and spirituality. Our soul is the source of our happiness and fulfilment in life. Helly believes 'we are our own guru' and that we already know the answers we seek... they simply need to be awakened within us.

Helly specialises in Holistic Investigation, to pinpoint and heal the root cause of your condition, at soul level. She draws on 25 years’ experience as a Corporate Investigator, her heightened gifts of intuition/psychic senses, and experience and knowledge of advanced energy healing protocols, known as Forensic Healing. Muscle testing (as used in Kiniesiology), is the mechanism for this process.
Helly offers unique, bespoke sessions, in response to your own soul calling and intention for healing,

If you have an inner calling to find your peace, passion, and purpose in life, Helly can help you clear your blocks, awaken your natural gifts, and help you find the clarity and direction you are seeking, so you can live your best life.

Helly holds a Diploma of Forensic Healing Systems, and is an Associate Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. She has 8 years’ experience as a Holistic Healer. She is currently obtaining international Diploma qualifications in Life Coaching, and Art Therapy. Helly also uses crystal therapy, and makes her own crystal essence sprays to enhance your session.


  • Forensic Healing (advanced energy healing)
  • Sound Resonance healing with Language of Light
  • Crystal Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Soul Reconnection Healing
  • Past Life investigation and Healing
  • Awakening Healing and Tree of Life reconnection
  • Angelic Guidance and Hands on Healing
  • Law of Attraction coaching
  • Angel Readings
  • Mentoring
  • Home Cleansing and Blessing
  • Workshops
  • Public Speaking and Seminars

Global Service Via SKYPE
Bookings and enquiries: 0403 018728
[email protected]

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