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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that every one of us is a unique individual deserving a personal and holistic healthcare approach.

Hornsby Health Centre - Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized modality for treating inflammation and blockages in the lymphatic system of our bodies.

The patient’s body presents with Lymphoedema (fluid retention), pain and swelling. This means that the lymphatic system is sluggish and lymph nodes are either blocked or have been removed from surgery. Therefore, the lymphatic system is no longer able to function at its full capacity and fails to drain away the fluid from the tissues effectively.

There are two types of Lymphoedema:


Congenital condition: It is likely to occur as a genetic fault or abnormality in the development stages of the baby before birth or soon after.

Lymphoedema Praecox – the most common one of the Primary Lymphoedemas. Occurs around the onset of puberty/adolescence, mostly in females and a small percentage in males. Usually, one leg is effected, mainly the calf, ankle and foot.

Lymphoedema Tarda- has similar characteristics to Lymphoedema Praecox but starts after 35 years of age.


Caused by various kinds of damage and interruption of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes e.g. inflammation, radiation, surgery, malignant tumours, lesions or crush injuries.

Lymphoedema usually appears in one or more regions of the body.

As Lymphoedema is hard to remove, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an important part of the treatment in reducing the Lymphoedema and is needed on a regular basis.

With proper guidance, self-care, and specific exercises, the patient will then feel that they have more ‘control’ over their body.

Over time, the fluid retention, pain and swelling will reach a manageable state of repair resulting in significant reduction of the affected area.


CST is a modality that releases trauma from the body, regulating the Central Nervous System, and is gentle but powerful.

CST works on returning balance and mobility to the whole body involving the head, spine and sacrum. This also allows a physical, mental and emotional release through subtle involuntary rhythms in the body.

The practitioner is highly trained to lightly touch the client’s body in the form of ‘holds’. i.e. listening, following and allowing the body to release any blocks that may be present.

Depending on the client’s situation, he/she may have a past memory come up, sudden pain they haven’t felt for years or a deep, emotional release. Usually, the client will feel totally relaxed during a Craniosacral session and develop self-awareness and clarity in their body. It is important that they also feel safe at all times, as they can enter a state of vulnerability and want to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Craniosacral Therapy has many benefits, as follows:

Releasing pain and achieving better mobility in any part of the body. An example is: clients who have had a bad experience with dental work i.e. the jaw (TMJ), or teeth grinding, clenching, blocked sinuses. These can all cause limited movement in the jaw, neck and facial bones resulting in constant headaches, irritability and stress.

Clients who have suffered severely with a particular crisis in their lives, that they are willing to confront and resolve.

Those who are seeking an alternative therapy to relieve the chronic pain they have endured for many years.

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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that everyone of us is a unique individual deserving a personalised approach.

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