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Reiki is a natural healing system that channels healing energy into the body, balancing and harmonising the body's own energy system.

Hornsby Health Centre - Reiki

Ancient knowledge from most cultures will tell us that "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." And in fact quantum physics tells us the same, the tiniest of sub-atomic particles are described as "packets of energy".

Our energetic bodies make up a 'blue print' which our physical bodies adhere to. Any changes to our energetic body can bring about changes in our physical body, and in our emotional and mental states. Any dis-ease or imbalances, or even a bad mood will manifest in the energetic body. In time this can become present in the physical body as illness or sickness. When we re-establish the balance in the energetic body the physical body will thus be able to heal itself.

Reiki is an gentle, safe and effect healing technique that can be performed by a practitioner, or taught to you so you can use it on yourself, or others, or even your plants and pets!

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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that everyone of us is a unique individual deserving a personalised approach.

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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that every one of us is a unique individual deserving a personal and holistic healthcare approach.

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