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Servicing area: 343 Moorabool St Geelong.

Hygea Counselling Services
Energy Healing : Even though we are living in this physical body, the essence of life is and always has been energy. Energy Healing is the way of the future.

Energy Healing

Have you tried many therapies or maybe even medications to find theanswers you seek?

The key I have found is: you cannot fully master or heal anything if you are only addressing the Physical aspects of it.

If you wish for full mastery or Healing you must also address the non-Physical, we call this the energy or Spiritual aspectb of anything. My therapies address both.

    • :Holistic Counselling
    • :Quit Smoking
    • :Life Coaching
    • :Mindfulness
    • :Natural Fertility
    • :Past life regression
    • :Hypnotherapy
    • :Spiritual Healing
    • :Reiki
    • :Weightloss .

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