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Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching

Ingrid Perri

17/225 Sutton St
Warragul VIC 3820

Servicing area: Warragul VIC

Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching

Achieve your personal and professional goals through a unique approach to life coaching and corporate training.

Life Coaching & Corporate Sales Training

Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching in Warragul VIC has helped many people jump out of the cycle of blaming others for their unsatisfactory life and nurturing the feeling of always being the victim in every situation.

If you’re still stuck in the mire, Ingrid can pull you out of it swiftly and put the reins of your life back into your hands. Using her extensive knowledge and skills in life coaching, she will help you recognise your true value and proactively realise it. 

Whether you live nearby or overseas, Ingrid is more than willing to hold a one-on-one online coaching session with you via Skype or phone.

Benefits of Life Coaching

  • Unleashes your full potential and happiness
  • Improves all aspects of your life
  • Helps you move past your painful experiences
  • Instills valuable lessons from past trauma
  • Shifts negative feelings and limiting beliefs
  • Treats depression
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves time management skills
  • Inspires a new values system to help you achieve your goals
  • Leads you to your purpose in life
  • Fixes imbalances within you
  • Fosters healthy relationships
  • Helps you find contentment in life 

Our Life Coaching Packages

A Life coaching program is no different to having an employee or a business partner. The former provides you with strategic advice so that you can get the most out of your business, while the latter goes through every success and challenge with you without ever leaving your side.

However, in a life coaching program the business that you’re working on is your lifestyle.   

We designed three types of Life Coaching packages to ensure each client receives individualised care that is tailored to meet their needs and goals. They are as follows:

  • Diamond Transformation is the first package that is designed to connect you with the core of your real happiness. It includes unlimited email support, a 60-minute call with Ingrid every month, plus an additional 60 minutes of call for each month.
  • This coaching program also comes with an inbuilt mindset audio, a bonus ebook and a surprise gift.
  • Sapphire Breakthrough is the second package that aims to give an impetus to trigger your happiness. For each month, you can enjoy up to 20 email support, a 60-minute call with Ingrid and an extra 30 minutes of call. 
  • Amethyst Connection is the third package that focuses on releasing the negative blocks that are stopping you from living the life you want. With each month, you get to receive 10 email support and a 60-minute call with Ingrid.

Corporate Sales Training  

Want to learn how to develop instant rapport with your clients and exceed your sales target?

Ingrid offers sales training programs that are unlike any training you’ve experienced before because she utilises neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to ensure you get optimal results.

Facilitated in a fun, engaging and highly charged environment, these programs are ideal for corporate and team building events as they come with hands-on training and practical examples.

Aside from our sales training programs, you can also benefit a great deal from our Introduction to Communication. Under this program, which only costs $200, you will learn how to develop your own communication style, how to analyse potential clients and how to improve your sales and relationships with your clients effortlessly.

Sales Training One  

AUD $2000 for 1 - 4 hrs

Our half-day sales training program will help you develop six skills, namely:

  1. Rapport - Master the techniques for engaging your customers.
  2. Cause and Effect - Learn to be accountable for the results you produce.
  3. Modelling - Adopt the mindset and behaviours of successful people in your industry.
  4. Conflict Resolution - Arm yourself with tools for resolving personal and professional issues.
  5. Goal Creation - Learn to establish your goals in your unconscious.
  6. Double Negative Process - Follow the steps in modifying negative behaviours in your sales department.
Sales Training Two

AUD $2000 for 2 - 4 hrs

This half-day program focuses on enhancing your abilities in the following areas:

  1. Values - Take your team through the core values of your company and realign their goals.
  2. Respond to any objective - Reassess any objections in order to be able to successfully address them.
  3. Advanced Communication Skills - Enhance your existing knowledge and skills.
  4. Strategies - Adopt the methods of successful people in your industry, particularly in making decisions, leading and motivating their team and negotiating, just to name a few.

You may combine both programs to get a day’s worth of training for yourself and employees. This is valued at $3800.

Book an appointment and take your sales team onto the next level of success.

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