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Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching

Ingrid Perri

17/225 Sutton St
Warragul VIC 3820

Servicing area: Warragul VIC

Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching

Ingrid unveils the secrets to becoming an engaging public speaker.

Speaker Skills Training Program

Develop Your Speaker Skills

Did you know that 23% of Australians fear public speaking more than death? This information was obtained by from an online survey of 1,206 adults aged 18 to 64 revealed. 

Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching in Warragul VIC offers a Speaker Skills program that is designed to help you overcome glossophobia or the fear of public speaking.

Although he said it in jest at a funeral, Jerry Seinfield  spoke the truth when he said that most people prefer to be the person in the coffin than the one delivering the eulogy.

Speaking before an audience is one of the biggest problems of Ingrid’s clients. To put an end to this pain point, she established an online training platform called Speaker Skills. This learning program provides you with all the skills that will turn you into a captivating speaker in no time.

In addition to training how to become a confident public speaker in the comfort of your own home, you’ll also benefit from Ingrid’s list of five fears that hold people back from being an excellent speaker and how to conquer these fears.

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