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Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching

Did you know that you can quit smoking with the snap of a finger by reprogramming your unconscious mind?

Hypnosis & Quit Smoking Program

Quit Smoking and Other Harmful Habits With Hypnosis

Incorporating hypnosis in our therapy sessions allows our clients here at Ingrid Perri - Success & Fulfillment Coaching in Warragul VIC to reprogram the content of their unconscious mind and, ultimately, reach their goals.

Whether you seek it to quit smoking, get rid of depression or establish new belief and value systems, hypnosis is an effective way of bringing your conscious desires into harmony with your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is not rare; we experience it from time to time without even being aware of it. For example, have you ever driven safely back home without the slightest memory of the trip? If you answered in the positive, that’s because your conscious mind was deactivated and your unconscious was on the whole time.

When your unconscious mind is on during hypnosis, change can easily take place as both the conscious and unconscious spheres of your mind come into alignment. 

Contrary to what others say, you don’t do or say anything involuntarily during hypnosis because you remain totally in control of your mind and body. As a professional hypnotherapist, Ingrid provides you with a relaxing environment where change can successfully occur.

Benefits of Hypnosis
  • Helps you quit smoking
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression
  • Releases negative emotions
  • Transforms limiting beliefs and habits

Smoking Cessation Program

People smoke for different reasons rooted in their subconscious mind. During a therapy session that aims to help you quit the habit of smoking, Ingrid will guide you in identifying the underlying causes of your addiction to cigarettes.

Once we have identified and treated the causes, you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate through your unconscious mind and establish new belief and behavioural systems of which smoking cigarettes is no longer a part.

We have included the Quit Smoking program in our Coaching Package as transforming yourself into a non-smoker is hugely beneficial for all aspects of your life.

Book an appointment to learn more about our hypnosis program and how it can benefit your health, finances and overall wellbeing.

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