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Judy Harland

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Cairns, QLD and Sydney, NSW

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Swallowing Wellbeing Arthritis Cancer management High cholesterol Osteoporosis



...Are you overweight and just can't shift it?

...Are you Fatigued?

...Do you have Hormonal problems?

...Are you Depressed?

...Do you suffer with GUT problems?



Judy Harland is highly experienced practicing in the Wellness and Natural Therapies industry for over 16 years.

Judy completed her 4 year Naturopathic Degree at UNE University of New England.

Judy is also a graduate of a Naturopathic College (Sydney) where she was awarded her Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition and has a post graduate in Western Herbal Medicine.

Judy has in the last 4 years completed extensive training in Functional Medicine studying under some of the world's most respected functional medicine practitioners.

A Personal Note from Judy:

You could ask...
What drives ME to help YOU?
Why would I work so hard, researching, keeping current in what seems an
ever explosion of health information...studies and treatment?
In brief
It's my Calling...
A passion born at a young age ...
When I watched my 40 year old Aunt die horribly from breast cancer...
My father died following a long and painful liver disease at 42...
My mother suffered bronchitis ...she suffered debilitating anxiety and
And they all lived on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs dished out by
their GPS and hospitals
And none of them worked
none of those pills ever saved them
They all suffered and died young
.. i was horrified, angry and disillusioned...
with the system my family believed would save them...
.. so I made up my mind to search for a better way
...a better
...a more honest...gentler... and respectful way
...a way that would honour the body and restore health...
That was the driving force behind my passion
and although in the beginning... it was just a dream ...I allowed myself to
be led
I studied the ancients
Embraced to wisdom of those who had gone before us
Many years past
And now ..
After years of study and working with committed patients I know
...whether people choose to take this path is a decision each must make
sooner or later
....and for those who are willing to do 'the work'
...the results can be amazing
My passion is to work with and guide Only those who are 'ready to do the
work' .... my job is to educate and guide them back to health...
...be warned...the journey is often not a 5 minute quick stroll...unlike
popping pharmaceuticals or swallowing a multivitamin
...but if you are prepared to put the work in...
you will one day see the truth of just how miraculous your body really is
.... because when given the
... right direction, ingredients and
Your body can heal.
That's why I do what I do...and I'm here to assist you.

I work with clients on an individual basis and I will do home visits if required.

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