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Judy Harland

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Servicing area

Cairns, QLD and Sydney, NSW

Focus areas

Swallowing Arthritis Cancer management High cholesterol Infertility Kidney disease



...Are you overweight and just can't shift it?

...Are you Fatigued?

...Do you have Hormonal problems?

...Are you Depressed?

...Do you suffer with GUT problems?

Then come on in and see Judy Harland at EDGE HILL MEDICAL PRACTICE today

132 Collins Avenue
Edge Hill, Cairns


"Judy has been working in my medical practice for sometime.
I have referred many clients to her who were experiencing gut disorders, gut infections, blood sugar problems and diabetes, adrenal and chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, autoimmune disease, degenerative disease and mental illness.

Judy is always very thorough and detailed in her investigations and explanations of these disorders to her clients.
To improve your health and well being and to achieve optimal health: I recommend Judy Harland to you as an excellent and dedicated Naturopathic Practitioner.."

- Dr Sue Cory
Edge Hill Medical Practice

"With Judys incredible knowledge and guidance I have gone from a stage 3 renal/kidney patient to a stage 1!
My renal specialist and cardiologist are amazed and never thought it possible: I was told I would be on dialysis by now but with my commitment to be well again and the amazing guidance i received from Judy I have been able to turn my health around.
I am truly blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

- Di, Cairns

"I first went to Judy with the symptoms of lethargy and mild depression that a GP had simply prescribed iron tablets for. Judy has since informed me through her comprehensive and educational consultations on the systems within my body and their connections with each other.
I now understand how to take care of myself and as a result Ive experienced a level of health that inspires me to continue to do so.

Thanks to Judy I feel enlightened and empowered to make healthier choices and take care of myself and my children in the future. Ive never felt better physically or emotionally.
My sincerest thanks to you always Judy, youve given me my Life back!"

- Bec, Cairns

"I'm 45 and had asthma and sinusitis and allergies since my teens....that's 30 years! I got really worried as I was on a lot of medications and my symptoms were getting worse over the years. I found it increasingly difficult to exercise and breath and my sinus was worse at night when I was trying to sleep.
I had been to other natural therapists but never had much success.

I was desperate and was referred to Judy. I found she was extremely thorough in her investigations and lab testing... I felt confident because she is so very knowledgeable. We worked together on my health for a while ..and although it was not always easy I persevered... Judy never gave up on me and I'm so grateful for that because today my asthma and sinus and allergies are gone...and I'm very happy to say I very rarely require medication these days ....

Furthermore my energy and exercise tolerance has improved greatly. .and I feel and look healthier than I've been in years. I recommend Judy Harland to anyone who really wants to get well ...Judy really cares."

- Richard H

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