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Health Lectures/Group Talks/Group Coaching/Workshops
Member since
Aug 2004

Judy Harland

Contact Name Judy Harland
Mobile 0415 788 399
Servicing Areas Cairns, QLD and Sydney, NSW
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Providing a Range of Health Lectures, Group Talks, Group Coaching & Workshops to People of All Ages in Cairns.

Judy Harland - Health Lectures/Group Talks/Workshops


Judy talks to community groups including offering Adult Education Programs on topics ranging from Healthy Aging, How to increase Energy and Vitality and Cancer Awareness.

She also provide a range of talks on anxiety, depression and addictions; and give nutritional support and guidance to only those who want to help themselves with diet and lifestyle changes.

Judy even ofers servics for people in Palliative Care, by providing comfort and soothing massages to those who are in discomfort or pain.


Group coaching is a great idea for those wanting to learn how to take better care of their health.

Groups could be a family...with a desire to learn how better to improve the family shopping, diet and general health.

Group shopping trip... We can arrange a tour of the supermarket aisles... Learn to identify what's good, what's ok, what's really Ugly!

Groups can be run for mums or dad's or both, along with their teenagers, teaching them the consequence of poor eating habits including SUGAR BINGING, pimples, mood swings, weight problems, poor school performance, learn how to recognise and change old patterns of eating that are leading to health problems further down track. When you complete your coaching session, the entire family will be on the same page!

Calling all Menopause and peri-menopause woman... why suffer alone?? Form a group, bring a friend, let's get together and work out a plan to improve your hot flashes and other symptoms

The benefits of group coaching:
  • Your not alone
  • You make new friends
  • You chat about your common health goals and compare just how far you have improved
  • Group coaching can also work out cheaper than individual appointments
  • It's fun and interactive
  • Everyone learns heaps, including me!!

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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