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Do you want to align your mind and body with your highest potential? Are you struggling with your health, finances or career? With nearly ten years experience in successfully coaching clients to achieve their goals, I can help you to make foundational change, both sub-consciously and consciously, that enables you to create more opportunities for success in your life. Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” Gandhi

Coaching and Psych-K

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Procrastination Hay fever Mentoring Pelvic pain Habits Emotional wellbeing

Hi, I am Kate, a certified coach, counsellor and Psych-K Facilitator with training from leading mind-body practitioners from America and Australia. I utilise my ten years of mentoring, training and coaching experience to work closely with my clients to achieve positive life changing results.

How do I work with you to get results with Coaching and Psych-K?

With coaching and Psych-K I acknowledge and empower my clients with their own belief and knowledge to enable them to take back control of their lives. When we go about our normal daily lives, most of us do things without consciously knowing what occurs. Mostly this is habitual, resulting from years of stored sub-conscious patterns and beliefs that we have limited knowledge of. Some of these patterns and beliefs that are stored serve us extremely well, for example breathing, however others do not. Once we identify the belief or pattern that no longer serves us that has been stored in the subconscious memory bank, we can change this to a supportive belief that will unlock and expand our potential in life.

In a coaching session, once we have identified your goals and your limiting beliefs, utilising Psych-K I can connect with your subconscious to create supportive beliefs and habits that will work for you to achieve the goals and intentions you’ve requested to work on. Once the change has been confirmed at the subconscious, I then utilise coaching techniques and set continuing actions that will support you on your journey of change moving forward.

In some instances, the goal may require a number of sessions to create the momentum required to support the major positive change required by the client.

What sorts of areas can your coaching help with?

Anxiety and nervous tension, Weight Management, Stress, Addictions, Lack of Motivation, Poor Concentration, Procrastination, Insomnia Fears & Phobias, Pain, Limiting Beliefs, Focusing, Panic Attacks, Coping with Chronic Pain and Life threatening illness, Stages of Menopause, Pre and Post Surgery, Negative Emotions…and so much more!

How many sessions would I need?

Sometimes one session is enough, however 3 sessions is probably the average.

How much does a session cost?

1 hour - $100.
Can combine Psych-K, coaching, counselling and mindfulness techniques

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