Leslee Hughes

Leslee Hughes

8 Eric Malouf cl
Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

Servicing area: Tumbi Umbi & Annandale

Be the best version of you for yourself and for the people around you.

Family & Systemic Constellation, Relationship Counselling & Holistic Counselling

Family and Systemic Constellation

Leslee employs this powerful but gentle process to help her clients to gain an entry into either the family systems or business system, revealing the true cause of disturbance in a person’s psyche or the challenges they may be having running a business.

Systemic Constellation work helps to right wrongs that occurred long into the past that are in some way are still affecting the present. This work facilitates the materialising of the blocks in people’s personal or professional lives, allowing for greater knowledge, understanding and ultimate change to occur.

Counselling and Relationship Counselling

Counselling is a less challenging method of working on problems. This includes relationships, self-image, self-esteem, emotions, family, environmental adjustment and career development.

Generally the purpose of Counselling is to enhance self-awareness and empower oneself to work on issues effectively. Even people who tend to resolve problems by themselves do need to ask for help sometimes.

Many people think that if they request help, they lack ability. However, when people ask for help, they are brave because they are truly confronting their problems and are willing to resolve them.

Counselling involves talk therapy, voice dialogue and meditation.

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Leslee Hughes