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Lorraine Easton - Trehearne

107 Cranbourne rd
Langwarrin VIC 3910

Servicing area: Langwarrin, Victoria

Are you feeling Stuck, Stressed or Suffering Physical or Emotional Pain? Are you consumed with grief of a loved one, loss of work or a relationship?

Would You like Healing to create more Energy, Peace or Motivation?
Let me Help you Release Pain (Emotional and Physical), Gain Peace, Harmony and Self Empowerment to

"Be What You Dare" Call Lorraine and I will combine the right Healing modalities to suit your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical needs.
"Skype Energy Healings Now Available".

Lets Heal

Be What You Dare & explore your World within!
Discover your inner Healer and Artist
Experience emotional, spiritual and physical healing

Lorraine at Lets Heal channels The Universal Life Force Energy to help repair your Energy Field to bring about Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Healing using a range of different Healing modalities, Shell Essence and Intuitive Art services are also available from Lorraine Easton-Trehearne

Services On Offer

  • Bowen Therapy
  • Chironic Healing
  • Shell Essences
  • Access Consciousness
  • Access Consciousness - Face Lift
  • Reiki
  • Reset Therapy
  • Intuitive Art Workshops & Spirit Guide Drawings
  • Intuitive Art Classes Sessions
  • Totem Healing Courses & Meditations

Call Lorraine on 0417371884 to organise your next Healing, Art Workshop or Spirit Guide Session.

About Me - Lorraine

I have raised 4 children and have 11 grandchildren. I have run my own Restaurants and Hairdressing business, coached kids sports teams and with these experiences I discovered the vibration of The Life Force Energy of Healing. I have been involved in Spiritual Healing for 30 years, learning different modalities, while practicing Bowen Therapy for over 25 years. Psychic Art has been a love of mine for 20 years, sending me as far as Gippsland, Perth and Bali to run workshops.


I have been a client of Lorraine's for over 12 months. I first approached Lorraine regarding an ongoing medical issue which had been causing me a lot of pain and discomfort for over 2 years and had been unable to rectify this through the mainstream medical industry including surgery. This issue had a huge improvement after the first visit and was completely resolved after several visits which I found absolutely amazing after the pain and suffering it had caused me for so long. I have since remained a client of Lorraine's for many different issues. physical. emotional, you name it and I highly recommend her to anyone requiring assistance. Lorraine has amazing knowledge and Intuitive skills in every area that she works and is very generous in passing on this knowledge and her time to her clients.
Fiona Frankston South.

I can honestly say Lorraine is my "preferred practitioner" when I am in need of Healing. Not only is Lorraine highly qualified and experienced in a range of modalities but she is intuitively guided as to what is needed. It is such a beautiful and nurturing experience and she does such a great job that my healing sessions are few and far between.

Lorraine is a kind, caring and very thoughtful healer. Every time I have seen her I walk out feeling lighter, happier and more confident to achieve my goals. Her paintings inspire me and I think they are so beautiful. She truly has an amazing talent. Would recommend her to all! Kate.

Your beautiful calming energy and gentle voice brings the presence of Angels...no words are needed-your insight and connection to spirit are AMAZING! Healing GUARANTEED.
Sherilyn X' Luvya

"Life just keeps on getting busier and busier. I had been looking for a workshop that took me away from my every day stress. Lorraine’s Intuitive Art Workshops have done that for me. I think of only the present moment during the workshops. I find the messages from Lorraine and my drawings leave me feeling balanced and centered. I even have my friends coming too!
Thanks Lorraine."
- Belinda

"After my husband died my sister invited me to her Art class for something different to do. I never felt I could draw but the class was. I surprised myself with what I can do and I still fine great enjoyment, 2 years later, when I go each week."

- Joan

"I am a Tarot and Angel card reader and Clairvoyant. I asked Lorraine if she would do a Spirit Guide Drawing for me to have in my meditation and reading room about two years ago. It is absolutely beautiful, I love it so much!! My daughter and husband couldn’t believe it when Lorraine delivered the drawing, they were so very impressed as I was. Lorraine is a very talented and gifted lady!! Also the meanings she gave with the drawing are such an important part."

- Brenda

"The Art Workshops and classes have proven to be a very important part of my spiritual growth. I look forward to my weekly classes with Lorraine."

- Wendy

"Lorraine I have now taken a couple of your classes and had to let you know how much I have enjoyed them. Not only do you provide a lovely friendly atmosphere in your classes you also give everyone fantastic help, which is great when you can’t draw a straight line!!! I had never thought I was an “artsy” person and initially only came along for some fun , never dreaming I’d actually walk away with a piece of art I can be proud of.

Your workshops are so much fun and I wish I had done this sooner. I walked away feeling stress free in I don’t know how long. I would recommend anyone to try your workshops as they certainly wouldn't regret it. Thank you for bringing out my “artsy” side. I never thought I would be able to create a face, its fun, challenging and it taught me I can achieve anything if I am willing to trust myself to have a go."

- Sylvia

"I have found Lorraine's workshops extremely interesting, accurate and exciting. I never new I had artistic talent until this, I didn’t realize the importance of listening to my intuition. My life hasn’t been the same since I did this workshop. I am also planning on doing more classes in the near future."

- Cindy

"I thought I could only draw stick figure. I was amazed I drew a face and found myself really feeling the energy of my drawing. I also found it really interesting to see what others had drawn."

- David

"I did a workshop with Lorraine over a couple of weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it. I myself could not draw a straight line let alone a portrait and several animals, that looked like photos! I highly recommend this to anyone, if only for the fun side but also the serious intuition side of it. I also see Lorraine as a very competent trainer in this area. I am looking forward to going back for more."

- Janine

For more information about any of the professional Spiritual or Art Healing services on offer or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today.


Qualification details

Lorraine has been involved in spiritual healing for 30 years, learning her different modalities, and practicing Bowen Therapy for 25 yrs. Psychic Art has been a love of Lorraine's for 20 years, sending her as far as Gippsland, Perth and Bali to run her workshops.

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