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Life. Soul. Direction.

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Do you feel lost? Call Life. Soul. Direction. so you can reconnect with your authentic self by removing the blocks that hamper you from achieving a happy and healthy life. We will guide you to your desired destination in a caring and conscientious manner. Find out how we can help you right here.

*Decrease stress and anxiety *Help with moving forward in life *Increased motivation *Reaching your full potential *Improved study mindset *Cessation of smoking *Healthy eating


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Hypnotherapist Personal counselling Tapping Tarot Soul realignment Energy work

A soulful journey may be all that is needed to relieve stress, discover your life's purpose, or treat a long-standing illness that has brought you to the brink of despair. Lynne, a hypnotherapist and soul healer in Croydon Hills, Victoria, can help you find your way back on the road to health and happiness through her healing centre that is aptly called Life. Soul. Direction.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for more than 40 years, Lynne has seen and tried a wide range of treatment approaches. She has also dabbled in the business aspect of the industry. 

Her desire to go deeper into healing led her to explore and train in a variety of therapies including hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and energy and spiritual modalities. Lynne has been using tarot reading to help people find their way in life for the past 30 years. Using her intuitive abilities and clairvoyance, she has assisted many people in finding solutions to their problems, wiping away their tears, and finally making room in their lives for joy and laughter.

Lynne's open-mindedness has allowed her to provide the benefits of hypnotherapy, counselling and energy healing to everyone who has come to her for help, including balancing and realigning them with their soul.

As a qualified soul realignment practitioner, she is more than capable of assisting you in defining your soul's purpose in life and uncovering your innate gifts that will lead to your success. With Lynne's help, you can finally unlock the door to your desired life by using the key of personal wisdom gained by connecting with your soul.

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Your thoughts and actions do not define who you are because they are influenced by the contents of your subconscious mind, which is shaped by the past experiences of your inner self. Deep relaxation techniques are used in hypnotherapy to induce a trance-like state in which you can access your subconscious mind and correct patterns of thought and behaviour that affect your decision-making ability.

Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique

Being heard is so important.  Counselling isn't about the therapist providing the answers to your issues, its about having the time and space to speak your truth and be heard.  From here, you work in combination with Lynne and yourself to move forward.  Emotional Freedom Technique can also be incorporated into the counselling sphere.  It assists in relieving anxiety by tapping on points within the body to stimulate healthy flow while voicing our issues.  This technique is easy to use outside of a therapy session when we feel our anxiety rising.

Tarot Reading

Nobody walks the earth for no reason; we are all here for a purpose. If you feel as if the world is against you because nothing goes as planned, a tarot reading can help you gain insight into your current situation and what it takes to move forwards.

Soul Realignment

Being one with your authentic self is essential for unlocking the gifts you were born with and intended to use to achieve success in life. Lynne will give you soul-based readings during a soul realignment session that will reconnect you with who you truly are and allow you to live your life's main true purpose.

Energy Healing

Negative thoughts and feelings can deplete your energy, leaving you drained and vulnerable to disease. Lynne offers in-person or remote energy healing sessions to revitalise your mind, body and spirit. This enables you to see life more clearly and make decisions that will yield the best results.

Past Life Regression

Do you feel like you're stuck in the past, but you're not sure where? Past life regression takes you on a spiritual journey to the life you once had in order to heal any issues you were dealing with at the time and move forwards in your current life.

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Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online
$150 Per hour

Is life not headed where you want? Are you feeling anxious or stressed or not achieving as you should? Hypnotherapy can help increase your feelings of self-worth, self-love and decrease your anxiety and stress levels.

Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique

Counselling Counselling Online
$150 Per hour

Do you have an issue that you would like to talk through or are you looking for some help with anxiety or stress? Counselling sessions give you the opportunity to express yourself and find answers to your problems. EFT (tapping) can also be used to decre

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  • Certificate In Counselling
  • Clinical Diploma of Hypnotherapy
  • Bachelor In Education and Training
  • Certificate In Soul Based Therapy
  • Soul Realignment® Certification
  • Certificate In Nursing

Professional Membership

  • The Tarot Guild of Australia Inc.
  • ASCH - The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

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