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Evidence based herbal medicine and Body Composition Analysis

Lotus Centre - Naturopathy

About Naturopathic Nutrition

There should be no great secret or mystery to good health, as everything we need is easily within our reach. However, conventional medicine falls short of providing all the answers to everyday illness & an ever-increasing number of people are seeking out complimentary therapies. Naturopathic Nutrition is a holistic therapy used to treat people suffering from a wide range of ailments, which may manifest on a physical, mental & emotional level.

A Naturopathic Nutritionist treats everyone as an individual, seeking out & removing the cause of disease rather than simply suppressing the symptoms. Treatment is a partnership between the patient & the practitioner, who both share in the goal of learning the cause of the illness & finding the very best approach to combat it.

As we now know, many of the chronic health problems that plague Australians today are the result of poor dietary & lifestyle choices. Illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems and some cancers can develop because of the foods we choose. By changing our diets and adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can often change or reverse the course of an illness & restore health.

Research -based care

Over the past few decades, valuable research has been done on the chemistry of plants (phytochemistry), and published scientific literature continues to grow especially as the pharmaceutical industry continues to search for new drugs. Researchers have no doubt that plants contain chemical constituents that have an actual or potential effect on the human body; the evidence is in the literature. Modern Western herbal medicine is recognising the importance of recent scientific endeavours in the study of medicinal plants, and blending this science with tradition. This is leading to a "new" robust system of Western herbal medicine, best encompassed by the term 'phytotherapy' that combines the wisdom of ancient tradition with the cutting edge of current research.

As we enter a new millennium, the practice of herbal medicine is in its ascendancy and continues to evolve. The use of plants for medicines vastly exceeds the use of modern synthetic drugs. Indeed the percentage of the population that uses herbal preparations even without professional consultation is growing. Enjoy the healing benefits of herbs!

Consultation Fees

  • First consultation; $120 per hour
  • NASA Body Composite Analysis $55
  • Follow up $55 for 30 mins, $70 for 45 mins, $85 per hour

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition analysis can provide an accurate and objective assessment of many of the "markers of wellness" in our body. By analysing specific biological "markers" an accurate status on your health can be recorded and your health practitioner can target the areas of your health that need attention. The test measures your:

  • Fat mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Biological age
  • Cellular toxicity
  • Cellular fluid levels
  • Cellular vitality

Analysis is done using bioimpedance testing developed for the space program by NASA and validated in over 2000 scientific tests. Electrodes are placed on your hand and foot and a gentle current measures levels of resistance within your body. These figures are then interpreted through a sophisticated computer program that measures biomarkers of health and ageing. You receive a 2 page graphical colour report to keep showing your results and a full assessment by Linda Krick, an accredited Medical Herbalist. Testing is quick, safe, painless and non-invasive.

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