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Lotus Oriental Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage )

Servicing area: South Australia

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Lotus SCENAR Therapy

Where appropriate I use a device known as a SCENAR machine with my clients. The SCENAR was developed in Russia and is now used by literally thousands of practitioners (and even GP’s in the ex Russian republics).The machine is a Bio-neural feedback device that stimulates the body’s own healing systems. It looks and feels like a normal electro-stimulator (such as a TENS machine) but is very different.
Unlike a normal electro-stimulator, the SCENAR changes what it does second by second and as such the body cannot get use to it and “ignore” it. I have had almost miraculous results when dealing with acute and chronic conditions using this device as it directly stimulates your own body to “wake up’ and fix the problem.

Macquarie university tested the SCENAR (also just known as ENAR) against a traditional stimulator (TENS) and found the ENAR to be of a more significant benefit for chronic neck pain (

Overall ,the SCENAR is a brilliant piece of technology that can be the difference between living with pain or being free again ,definitely worth a try!

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Lotus Oriental Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage )