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Member since
Oct 2006

Modern Acupuncture

Contact Name Luke Whelan
Phone 08 71300027
Mobile 0403 488 439
Address 2 Frederick St
Frewville SA 5063
Servicing Areas Eastern Suburbs
Luke is a qualified acupuncturist and Bowen Therapist, trained in Melbourne and China.
He has a special interest in Chronic Pain and IVF support.

Modern Acupuncture

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About Luke

Luke is a skilled acupuncturist with more than eighteen years’ experience in natural health. After training at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne, and the Guangxi Traditional Medical University, Nanning, China, he joined Well2 in 2007. In addition to his extensive experience as an acupuncturist, Luke practises Bowen therapy and massage, and uses a combination of approaches and techniques to complement acupuncture to achieve excellent results.

About acupuncture

If an area (muscle, joints, organ etc) has blood flow obstructed then that area will suffer. Acupuncture works by increasing blood flow to a targeted area. Acupuncture helps deliver oxygen and nutrients via the blood to all parts of the body in an efficient manner. Since Acupuncture also stimulates the midbrain to release its own pain killers like enkephalins it can reduce or eradicate the need for medications such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which often come with unnecessary and unpleasant side-effects. As acupuncture has very few contra-indications, in most cases it is possible to continue taking your existing medication. It is also a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Will it hurt?

Luke uses very fine, solid needles that are designed to go through the skin easily. They are quite different to hypodermic needles that cut through the skin and cause bleeding and pain. Measuring just 0.22mm in diameter, the needles may cause a feeling of warmth, a slight aching, a spreading sensation, or you may feel nothing at all. It is very rarely unpleasant, and in the hands of a good practitioner, the sensations can be controlled.

What can it treat?

Luke uses acupuncture to treat pain, illness and fertility issues, and has a wealth of experience with many health complaints. The length of treatment required varies from patient to patient depending on how acute or chronic the problem is. It is best to start your treatment with four Acupuncture sessions within a 10 day period. Frequency of treatment after that will vary depending on the issue and whether it is acute or chronic. Most people notice progress after four to five treatments and with most pain conditions you should expect some pain relief immediately.

Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture can help you during the IVF process, with research recently published in the British Medical Journal finding that combining acupuncture with the embryo transfer increases the chance of success by up to 65%. Luke has extensive experience treating IVF patients and has seen impressive results. The clinic is a two-minute drive from Repromed and Fertility SA, two of Adelaide’s IVF clinics, allowing you to be treated just before and after the transfer.
Ideally acupuncture treatment should start 1-3 months prior to starting an IVF cycle to help increase pelvic blood circulation, decrease stress and anxiety, and promote a healthy menstrual cycle.

Why Luke?

Luke offers a friendly and professional service. During your consultation, he listens carefully to search for underlying causes to your health issues rather than simply assessing a set of signs and symptoms. His experience in many areas of natural health allows him to bring together a multitude of skills and techniques to treat health problems instead of relying on only one discipline. His communicative approach ensures you are fully informed to help you get the most from your appointment, and he encourages patients to ask questions about their treatment.

Say hello

Have a question? If you would like more information, feel free to give Luke a call on 0403 488 405.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)
Advanced Certificate in Chinese Medicine - Guangxi China
Diploma of Massage Therapy
Competency in Fascial Kinetics (A Bowen Therapy)
Certificate III in Sports Massage
Certificate III in Aromatherapy
Certificate in Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho method)
Certificate in Bowen Therapy for Horses and Dogs

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