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Carmen Paff

Level 1
134 Alexandra st
VIC 3183

Servicing area: Melbourne, St Kilda, Richmond, Kew, Northcote, Camberwell

Focus area: Telehealth
Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of hands on healing. It is a very gentle way to rebalance, reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Lumiere Healing & Massage - Reiki

Reiki for Relaxation

Applied by a certified Crystal Heart Reiki Sekhem teacher and practitioner, Reiki also works beautifully when combined mindfulness, meditation and crystal healing. Consider incorporating these into your reiki treatment.

Learn Reiki Sekhem

Two day courses in reiki are available with Carmen Paff, an experienced Crystal Heart Reiki Sekhem teacher and practitioner. Learn how to use this very practical healing art in your daily life, or to become a reiki practitoner and have ongoing professional support and training. Contact us for a course information pack.

Mindfulness and other guided meditation

Meditation is now widely recognised as an essential skill for living a happier life, with mindfulness at the forefront of this field. Learn how to meditate and use mindfulness to reduce stress while improving your health and happiness with private, couples or family sessions.

Crystal healing

Let go and surrender to a gentle and relaxing reiki session also using the healing power and vibrations of selected crystals.


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We aim to help our clients enjoy healthier and happier lives by elevating their physical and emotional wellbeing.

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