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Lumiere Healing & Massage

Carmen Paff

Level 1
134 Alexandra St
VIC 3183

Servicing area: Melbourne, St Kilda, Richmond, Kew, Northcote, Camberwell

Lumiere Healing & Massage
Our most popular treatment is remedial massage and it is a good place to start your introduction to massage.

Lumiere Healing & Massage - Remedial Massage

Remedial massage offers relief from stress, headaches, injury, fatigue, overwork, and recovery from illness. Pressure may vary from light to medium through to deeper pressure according to your own needs and works on both the muscles and the acupressure or trigger points.

Also ask us about incorporating deep tissue, sports massage, Chinese cupping, or relaxation into your remedial massage session.


Deep tissue

This massage style loosens and relaxes the deeper muscles where most muscle tension is held. Pressure will be medium to firm depending on your needs on the day. For those who like firmer pressure and after more serious results from their massage.

Sports massage

Intensive massage designed to help your sports performance and recovery, We have a decade of experience massaging Melbourne’s sportspeople, and we specialise in cyclists, martial artists, long distance runners and triathletes.

Chinese cupping massage

A blend of traditional Chinese cupping and massage to help areas of pain, stress and tension while helping to balance areas of stagnation. A gentler way to achieve serious results.

Relaxation session

Like a good yoga class, most of our massages finish with a beautiful relaxation session, involving Swedish massage techniques and reiki to leave you in a state of bliss.

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