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Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Psychotherapy

Mandala Health - Naturopathy &

4 Collier St
Woodend VIC 3442

Servicing area: Woodend, Macedon Ranges; Victoria

Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Psychotherapy
Mandala Health is a multi-modality service, guided by the philosophical principles of alternative, holistic and integrative medicine and therapeutic processes that support mindbody health & healing. 
Clients benefit from a unique offering of integrative and multidisciplinary services, in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine using iridology and biochemical tests; and Counselling Psychotherapy & Sandplay Therapy, focusing on humanistic, ‘Soul Centred’, experiential and existential approaches.

Mandala Health - Naturopathy & Counselling Psychotherapy

Mandala Health provides traditional, holistic and integrative services in natural medicine and counselling psychotherapy, supporting mind, body, emotional health, healing and wellbeing.

This multi-modal provision of services is provided by Laura Hvala, a qualified naturopath and herbal medicine practitioner and experienced counselling psychotherapist and Sandplay therapist.


Mandala Health services integrate traditional holistic naturopathic and functional medicine practice with Eastern models of energy medicine and mind-body healing systems. It incorporates contemporary scientific knowledge from Western medicine, neuropsychology, depth oriented, analytical and dynamic psychological practice; with Jungian, interpersonal and psychodynamic, soul focused principals – that are experiential, emotion focused and existential, emphasising the subjective and lived experience of each individual.

Qualification Details

Laura Hvala - Naturopath & Herbalist; Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Masters (Psychotherapy & Counselling; Sandplay therapist and Dip Soul Centred Psychotherapy); AdvDipHSc (Naturopathy); DipHSc (Nutrition); DipHSc (Herbal Medicine); GradDip (Education); BSc (Biochemistry, Physiology).

Association Member: NHAA 154365; CAPAV Clinical 0417; PACFA Clinical 22004.

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