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Natural Therapy for Your Soul


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Natural Therapy for Your Soul

A little more about me... 

Natural therapy for your Soul

Life is busy. Trying to juggle work, family and a social life can be challenging. As a result, many of us feel the need to be constantly 'on' and available via our phones, social media and computers. This creates a disconnect from nature and who we really are. 

With life being so busy, many people find it hard to slow down and recharge. 

And that's how I help. I work with women to help them realign their energy so that they can:

  • clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks
  • think more clearly and as a result, act with clarity
  • find purpose and direction
  • heal by letting go of the past 
  • develop self-love


About me

Hello my name is Bronwyn. Early on in my career I worked as a journalist, often investigating and writing about ancient wellness practices such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, crystal therapy and Reiki. This sparked my interest in holistic health and wellbeing which has led me to further study in health science, majoring in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Medicines. 

Here are some of the services I currently provide.


Flower Therapy

Flower therapy has been used for centuries by ancient cultures as well as by Indigenous Australians, to help rebalance energy. 

Many people are disconnected from nature and themselves which may result in:

  • confusion
  • grief and/or despair
  • relationship challenges
  • self-esteem issues
  • physical dscomfort.

The flowers helped me heal a deep sense of grief, guilt, sadness and confusion after the passing of my brother in 2009. 

I work with the Australian Bush Flower Essences to help people identify and clear their mental, physical and spiritual blocks. 

During the consultation we will discuss what issue/s are impacting you most at this point in time. Afterwards you will receive a personalised flower essence to help you clear and align your energy.

30-45 minute consultation is in person or via Skype.


Crystal – Reiki Energy Healings

Crystals contain ancient energy because they are thousands if not millions of years old. When placed on or around the body, crystals draw out negative energy and help recharge our batteries. Combined with Reiki, the crystals help to calm our senses so that we relax and hear/see/feel our Higher Self.  

75 minute healings are intuitively guided by your energy.

As such I may be guided to use:

  • Reiki
  • crystals
  • music
  • essential oils
  • guided meditation
  • my Tibetan singing bowl or Tibetan cymbals; and/or
  • the Australian Bush Flower Essences


Intuitive readings

An intuitive reading is like having a private conversation with your unseen spiritual counsellors, helpers and Guardian Angels. 

Their guidance may include:

  • practical everyday advice
  • suggestions to make your path easier
  • ways to look after yourself better

If you're feeling 'out of sorts', you won't hear your wise self or intuition. This often creates confusion and low-self esteem, which may result in poor decision making. 

I share whatever spiritual counselling messages I receive. To do this, I may use crystals and/or Oracle Cards (Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddess, Past Life). Sometimes no tools are needed because the thoughts and words will be present. 

30 minute or one-hour reading is in person or via Skype. 



Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic Medicines - current); Reiki; Crystal Therapy; Australian Bush Flower Therapy; Intuitive Readings; Bachelor of Arts in Communications (minor in Psychology)

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Natural therapy for your Soul