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About Sabina's Reflexology

Welcome to Sabina’s Reflexology

About Sabina

Sabina is a master reflexologist who has more than twelve years of knowledge and experience and heralds from a long line of Natural Therapists and Healers. After spending a number of years in various administration roles, Sabina felt restless from within, even though she had gained success in Sales, as an Inventory Controller and Purchasing officer.

That restless feeling began to settle down when she started studying at the Australian College of Chi Reflexology. Initially Sabina saw her studies as a personal interest as opposed to a career path. That would soon change as she developed a desire to make a difference in the lives of other people and this is what sparked her strong passion for healing. Thus after completing her Training/Studies she decided to go into full time practice.

Sabina is currently conducting around 1000 reflexology treatments per year, treating well over 200 clients with almost 100% satisfaction rates. Sabina enjoys meeting new and different people and takes great enjoyment from providing healing and relief to those individuals who need it most.


Able to Walk without Shaking, at a Good Pace and Full of Energy

When my mother Emmi aged 90 had entered St Hedwig Village she was unable to stand still or even walk without wobbling and shaking. This frail looking lady looked like she was going to fall down even though she used a walking frame for support. My sister and I were advised that due to her age there was no room for improvement and we just had to accept that this is how it was going to be for her from now on.

Mum began Reflexology with Sabina and soon after the first treatment, Mum's wobbling and shaking began to settle. Today Mum is not only able to walk without wobbling or shaking but has the energy of a woman decades younger. My sister and I are extremely pleased with Mum's ability to walk securely, at a good pace and full of energy.

Marion Wegner – Seven Hills

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Discovered Undiagnosed Condition and Relief from Long Term Pain

The first time I met Sabina for Reflexology I was truly amazed. Without asking me anything she could tell that my Thyroid was in trouble and not functioning properly just through what she felt through my feet. I also had pain in my legs which was completely relieved after only a few sessions, and I've always had an overall feeling of wellness and a lot more energy after each treatment.

Inge Williams - South Windsor

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