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Serra Manawey is a skilled massage therapist & energy healer servicing Portland Vic and surrounding areas who provides a wide range of natural health services.

Massage Therapies, Reiki, Energy Healing & Workshops

Servicing area

Portland Vic and surrounding areas

Focus areas

Sound healing Chakras Energy Transformation Intuitive massage Pregnancy support


Serra Manawey is a skilled Energy Healer & Massage Therapist who believes that true health is the result of treating clients on all levels. Offering services to help ease the mind, body and soul, this is a great option for people seeking an alternative approach to personal health and well-being.

Serra can be found at 25 Julia St Portland, Vic, offering many services to meet each individuals needs, including Balinese massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, Pregnancy massage, Reiki, Crystal healing, Sound healing and Ceremony.

Services Offered


Balinese Intuitive Massage

Complete body treatment with deep tissue and lymphatic drainage

75 mins for $90 

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

A gentle whole body oil massage that works with the life force of an individual

90 mins for $100 

Pregnancy Massage

A safe and relaxing massage targeting problem areas specific to pregnancy. Suitable for pregnant women of all gestational stages

90 mins for $100 

Energy Healing 


Gentle energy healing technique channelling universal healing energy into the client through hands gently placed on the body

90 mins for $100 

Crystal Healing

Transformative experience with the use of individual crystals to target specific locations of energy body disruption

120 mins for $120 

Sound Healing

Transformational experience to clear, balance and align the physical body, energy body, chakras, and meridian system

120 mins for $120 

Ceremony and Workshops 

Sound Bath Journey

Sound vibrations can pass through the physical and energy bodies throughout the journey, carrying healing vibrations which can help release and heal at all levels

30-60 mins for $20 PP or flat rate

Healing Crystal Grid

A ceremony for a healing crystal grid includes a group of participants who have a healing intent

60-120 mins for $20 PP or flat rate

Medicine Ceremony

Upon appointment, you may participate in a private medicine ceremony

Note: Discounts are available for pensioners and low-income earners. 

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