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Sandi Dwyer

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Belmont, Highton, Newtown, Grovedale Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria

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Essential oils Physical pain Facial Spiritual guidance Love Self awareness

These sessions are for those seeking practical, emotional or spiritual guidance and support as they begin their journey into meditation. We explore various techniques and themes to assist you to find that inner place of centre from which alert peacefulness flows. Explore pathways towards living joyfully now.

Benefits of Meditation

Did you know that meditation:

  • Reduces blood pressure;

  • Lowers cholesterol due to a decrease in the stress hormone epinephrine;

  • Assists the immune system;

  • Enhances memory and attention;

  • Slows down brain wave activity which supports the healing of psychological issues such as grief, guilt, unresolved childhood neglect, addiction and trauma; and

  • Balances the emotions?

Why try Meditation?

Meditation also creates a space that enables you to find your own truth about - and relationship to - the Divine Presence, or God, or Life Force Intelligence, or ... whatever It is for you. Sandi will offer her own experiences and understandings and there is no expectation of you to agree or take on anything. The exploration is a steady unravelling of beliefs to find the truth as each level of consciousness perceives it. Your perception of truth maybe very different to mine – and what does that even mean? As we expand and share we create an environment of acceptance and non judgement that allows us all to grow in self awareness and interconnectedness.

Class Information
Fortnightly on Tuesday evening for 1 hour at 7.30pm $15

Call 0409 014 871 to enquire or book a place

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