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As a woman, you take on a mountain of labels – some willingly, some imposed on you. After a time, you forget what it feels like to know WHO you are. It’s hard, when you’re constantly being told WHAT you are.

Soul Journey with Diane - Soul journey group **COMING SOON**

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Mitcham and Ringwood

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Relaxation Self-esteem Joy Wellness Energy blocks Nurturing

You are a mother, sister, wife, nurse, taxi driver, swim coach, accountant… you are so many things, but you have lost that sense of self and purpose in life.

Are you ready to discover who you are when you’re free from the bonds that keep you from thriving?

When we know who we truly are, we can easily connect with our gifts, desires, and soul’s purpose. We can unleash our potential and manifest infinite opportunities for self-exploration and achieving our dreams.

Through artistic self-expression, we can process emotions in a very different way than analytically in our minds.

With me as your guide, you will delve into your soul to explore  key areas over 4 months

Soul Journey is a beautifully rich program that uses art as a way of exploring the self within to glean the messages that are awaiting your understanding.

We will use paint and art-making materials to work through the beliefs that obscure your soul’s mission, as well as a bespoke combination of processes including meditation, shadow and inner work, and journaling to create a custom path for your healing.

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  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • Australian Holistic Healers Association

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