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Sydney Osteopathic Specialists

Sydney Health Professionals - Osteopathy

What is

Osteopathy practitioners specialise in treating musculoskeletal ailments and provide a safe, gentle approach to manual medicine. Osteopaths offer suitable treatment for the newborn babies, children, pregnant women and adults to the active person through to the elderly.

Osteopathy in Australia is an integral part of the primary care industry which means you do not require a referral to seek an appointment. Osteopathy is a government regulated practice which safeguards the community to ensure that every osteopath keeps up to date on the latest research, treatment and management of their patients. It also reassures the public that osteopaths belong to a reputable association and are accountable under legislative law. There is approximately 1600 osteopaths Australia wide.

Osteopaths are well educated professionals who undertake 5 years of university training. As well as being a regulated profession, osteopaths are abided to continue ongoing professional development in order to maintain and improve their knowledge and competency base in private practice.

What is the Difference?

Osteopathy Vs Chiropractic Vs Physiotherapy

I get asked this question in practice every day.

I will attempt to answer this question simply, and without bias, by describing each modality based on traditional approaches to treatment.

Essentially all three modalities "affect" all tissues - muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, viscera and fascia, improve circulation and healing.

The difference is the "approach to treatment".

Osteopathic consultations are usually 30-40 minutes. A hands on approach is used to treat the whole body. Osteopaths will target the local affected area, and incorporate the whole body within the treatment. Once the affected area and tissues have healed, we then prescribe strengthening exercises.

Chiropractic treatment is traditionally based on cold manipulation of the spine (meaning they don't spend time warming up the tissues). Their approach is generally linked between the nervous system and manipulation. Their consultations are typically shorter in duration.

Physiotherapy traditionally uses exercise prescription / rehabilitation, electromagnetic therapy, tens and other machines to get function back into the injured tissues. Treatment is usually localised - meaning they focus on the specific area of concern.

For example, a patient with a painful neck complaint can be treated by an osteopath, chiropractor and or physiotherapist. The difference is, the way in which each modality would treat this ailment.

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