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Tai-Chi AcuHerb Clinic

Servicing area: Airport West, Victoria

The tongue is a micro system in our body and in this way, works the same medically as the pulse.

Tongue Analysis and Teleconsultation

  • Through analysing the tongue, we can identify and collect an assortment of information, of which includes if there is enough energy inside the body, if the energy is too hot or too cold, if the energy ascends or descends too much, if the energy is circulating in the right direction, etc. 
  • On the other hand, tongue analysis can also help us identify physical disorders, in the way a CT scan would, for example, find stomach pain, shoulder pain, gall bladder swelling, constipation and tumours. 
  • In addition to this, the tongue can also tell us some information about one’s emotions, eg. Feelings of stress, restlessness, anxiety, depression and some other Feng Shui information.

Tongue analyse suits teleconsultation and distal treatment 

People who live far away from our clinic can choose to opt for tele-consultation treatment. If this is you, what you will need to do is:
Send me a few photos of your tongue. You do not need to send me your symptoms, as I will work it out and let you know. The photos you send me need to meet the following requirements:                                                                                               
  • Taken in a well-lit environment with natural lighting
  • Shows your WHOLE tongue, RELAXED (example attached)
  • Only records the area between your nose and your neck, nothing more
  • Taken using your back-phone camera, not a selfie
  • If it could be taken first thing in the morning, before breakfast, it would be preferable 
After receiving your photos, I will call you soon after to discuss your symptoms, give you some lifestyle suggestions, and discuss a herb prescription with you.
I will dispense your herbs and post them to you. You should receive your herbs in 1-2 business days.

Tele-consultation price list

  • $45 for initial consultation 
  • $30 for following consultations
  • $30 for herbs (75 grams of power) for a week
  • Or $15 for a pack of raw herbs
  • $8-10 postage within the state or inter-states (Australia)