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The Creative Heart

Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Servicing area: Seven Hills, Castle Hill, Baulkham hills, Blacktown, Paramatta, Kellyville, Wetherill Park and Western suburbs

The Creative Heart

Meditation is the most powerful of all tools to heal and transform your life.

The Creative Heart - Meditation

Meditation and Exercises to Awaken Your Heart & Soul Energy

Each meditation is a unique reflection of what your soul is calling forth for you to explore, you may receive healing, ancient wisdom and teachings, messages from your guides or you may start to remember who you truly are, A SOUL.

The evening will begin with us sharing insights and teachings that may have surfaced during the week. You will have an opportunity to ask questions or share a recent experience so we may all have an opportunity to grow, or we may practice an exercise to enhance your intuition. Lyn will invite the Archangels through columns of light to hold and anchor the energy of unconditional love so we may completely relax and enjoy. Lyn will then receive channeled messages and visions from her Guides, Masters and Angels.

After your journey you have a chance to express how you are feeling, if you feel comfortable, or you may just take some time to process the energies. Now that you are open and highly receptive, we take some time to practice using your individual gifts and talents such as healing and intuitive reading for others.

If you feel in your heart this is the group for you, you are very welcome to come along.

Wednesday Nights From 7pm

Embracing the light within Meditation

Through meditation comes the gift of inner peace and stillness. A greater awareness and appreciation of self, your journey and the universe which you have created and are apart of.

This is a gathering of like-minded souls. A place where all are welcome, supported and appreciated.

Paris will start the morning with a group discussion then will guide you through a meditation which is channeled for the highest good of those gathered The intention for the meditations are always for each person to learn, grow, heal, evolve and receive or experience whatever they are needing at this moment in time. There are no limitations. You will be supported by not only Paris but the loving and generous energy of the group and the unconditional love from the higher realms.

Start you weekend off in a positive way. Feel uplifted, relaxed and energised. Nurture your whole self, infuse your mind, body and soul with the light the resides within.

Saturday's Fortnightly, 9.30am till 11am.

At The Creative Heart Centre our classes and workshops are constantly changing and evolving. Please see our website for current classes and times.

We do have monthly meditations and seminars please see our website for more details or click on 'Make An Enquiry' below.

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