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Unconditional Love Healing

Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford

Darlinghurst NSW 2000

Servicing area: Sessions Australia wide via Skype, In person in Darlinghurst

Unconditional Love Healing

Heal your deepest emotional blocks,
childhood trauma and limiting beliefs
Create deep joy, health, happiness, and transformation through unconditional love

Unconditional Love Healing - Deep Emotional Healing

Whatever issue or challenge you're facing...

You can heal it.

Through years of deep healing work we've developed the Unconditional Love Healing process, which can help you release the deepest layers of emotional trauma, blocks, and limiting beliefs which are the root cause of every issue.

In our 1 on 1 healing programs, we guide you to connect with and release any blocked emotions from childhood, fears, beliefs of unworthiness, or any limiting patterns which are creating your current experience.

Our healing sessions can help you powerfully transform any issue including:

  • Emotional stress, anxiety & depression
  • Relationship blocks and difficulties
  • Self-acceptance, self-love & confidence
  • Sexuality & sexual health
  • Healing the effects of trauma & abuse
  • Blocks in your abundance, money or career

And create:

  • The loving relationships and connection you really want
  • Emotional harmony, happiness and joy
  • Self-acceptance, self-love, confidence and expression

Vibrant health, abundance and well-being

We've tried everything and discovered what really works.

There's lots of different spiritual healing methods and approaches out there.

We've tried, practised and experience many of them as we've been on our own deep healing journeys, and worked with many clients and students over the years.

What we've found is that in order to create truly deep an unlimited healing, it's necessary to work with our deepest layers of suppressed emotions, and emotional trauma. Often these patterns were formed in childhood or even earlier.

The key to releasing the deepest patterns, is to work with unconditional love. When we can bring love to any emotion or belief that comes up, anything can be transformed. You can let go of life long emotional patterns, relationship challenges, health issues, and create all the joy you truly deserve!

Some Testimonials

"In 1998, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease.. After only 2 sessions with Simon, I’ve had no fibromyalgia , no burning sensations in my throat,and no foggy mind. Instead I’ve had consistent energy, no bed rest days. I am daily thankful for and in awe of the consistent and (to me) miraculous results I’ve experienced from Simon’s healing work."

- Khryssi T, Teacher and Artist

"I'd experienced a trail of disastrous relationships over many years. After my sessions I am now in a healthy, loving, respectful relationship with a man who is treating me better than I've ever been treated before."."

- Kristy Winn

"Simon worked with me over the phone for a chronic lung condition. After the third session, lung tests showed improvements in function that could be measured. That was good reassurance for my for the doctor, but what I loved was being able to do so many more things - only realising afterwards that I'd been active at a level I would not have even thought of before."

-Julie Collin

"My session with Simon has freed me from a lifelong feeling of never giving friends and work mates the attention they deserve. Every interaction is now simply easier and what I put out there is coming back as much more genuine and less forced. Thanks so much for your help Simon."

-Eric V, Researcher

Healing Sessions Prices:

  • 3 session package -$777
  • 6 session package -$1333

If you're interested in a program with Simon, we offer a free 15 minute Skype/Video call to answer questions you may have.

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