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Access Bars

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Access Bars ®

What are Access Bars ®?

The Bars are a series of 32 energy points on the head that store the electromagnetic components of all the thoughts, attitudes, ideas, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. When these bars are lightly touched old energies stuck in the brain and the body are released, allowing for tremendous and effective changes. The Bars are a key tool of Access Consciousness ®.

What can an Access Bars ® Session do for you?

Access Bars ® will relax your body, soothe your mind and recharge your vitality. Bringing balance to your whole system. This will leave you in a very tranquil and blissful state. The energy centres each relate to a different aspect of our consciousness.  Therefore any blockages in those areas are cleared through the process of therapy.What can Access Bars ® help with?

Some of the benefits of Access Bars ® include:

  • Reduced mind chatter, stress & tension
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced anxiety & depression
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Kindness & gratitude
  • Peace & calm
  • Hopes & dreams
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