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Past Life Regression Therapy

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What Is Past Life Regression?

As the name suggests, this form of therapy involves exploring and understanding past life activities and decisions. Past life regression is also used by individuals who want to recall their past lives, be this on a spiritual, mental or physical level. Based on Hypnotherapy techniques, Past Life Regression has grown over the last 50 years to become a valuable and insightful therapy for individuals wishing to better understand their place in the world.

Who Can Benefit From a Session?

People of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual beliefs can benefit from this form of alternative talk therapy. An individual doesn’t even need to believe in the concept of past lives in order to experience benefits, as a session concentrates mainly on learning from their past experiences. Using techniques that involve exploring past memories and behaviours can also be utilised in a therapy session. From helping individuals to transform their life to providing additional insight into current relationships, a Past Life Regression session provides truly enlightening experiences and insights. Past life regression therapy can also be used by individuals who want to further develop their spiritual self, with sessions being tailored to improving spiritual understanding and communication.

What To Expect During a Session?

Past Life Regression treatments follow a similar structure to a Hypnotherapy session, with individuals being lead into a state of deep relaxation. Before an exploration of your past lives and behaviours begins, the practitioner will firstly discuss your concerns, issues and treatment expectations. Guided meditation and deep relaxation techniques will then be used in order to increase your receptiveness to this form of healing. The practitioner will then ask a range of questions while offering suggestions which you can use to further explore the past issue or event you’re focusing on. Sessions are suitable for both Men & Women, with individuals experiencing enlightenment and clarity about their previous life choices.

Following this therapy session, the practitioner will then endeavour to contact your spiritual guides and angles. By further enhancing spiritual awareness and connectedness, individuals will feel more grounded and secure in their past and future decisions.

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