Past Life Regression Therapy

What is past life regression therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of therapy involving the exploration and understanding past life activities and decisions. Also, past life regression is used by people who want to recall their past lives, be this on a physical, mental, or spiritual level. Based on hypnotherapy, past life regression has increasingly became popular over the years to become an insightful and valuable therapy for people who wish to have a better understanding about their place in this world.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy & Its Benefits?

How does past life regression therapy work?

Past life regression therapy begins with relaxation techniques to help the brainwaves to slowdown. To do this, the therapist talks in a calm, slow voice. They oftentimes use images of soothing sceneries and physical relaxation. Repetition and counting also work well. This therapy will only work if the person is willing.

Past life regression therapy benefits

People of all ages, gender, backgrounds and spiritual beliefs may gain benefits from this alternative therapy. A person does not even need to believe in the concept of past lives to experience the benefits, as the session mainly concentrates on learning from past experiences. This therapy uses techniques involving exploring the past memories and behaviors. A past life regression session provides enlightening experiences and insights from providing insights in relationships to help them transform their life. It can also be used by people who want to develop their spiritual self further, with sessions being tailored to the improvement of spiritual communication and understanding.

The following are some other benefits that can be gained from past life regression therapy:

  • Improvement of mental health
  • Increase in self awareness
  • Improvement of a person’s spirituality or spiritual life
  • Understanding and alignment with life purpose
  • Release of past life traumas rooted on physical problems
  • Release fears and anxieties liked to past life traumas
  • Appreciation of personal relationships
  • Energizing talents and abilities from the past

How to do past life regression therapy

Following a similar structure with a hypnotherapy session, past life regression treatments focuses on leading the patients into a deep state of relaxation. Before starting the exploration of the past lives and behaviours, the practitioner will first discuss the concerns, issues, and treatment expectations. Then, deep relaxation techniques and guided meditation will be used to increase the patient’s receptiveness to this healing form. The practitioner will ask a series of questions while offering suggestions that can be used to further exploration of the past issues or events that will be focusing on. 

The sessions are suitable for all ages, with the patients experiencing clarity and enlightenment about their previous life choices. After the session, the practitioner will endeavour to contact the spiritual guides and angels. By further enhancing spiritual connectedness and awareness, the patient will feel more secure and grounded in their past and future decisions.