What is Access Bars®?

Access Bars® is a life-changing tool developed in 1995 by Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness®, with whom co-creator Dr Dain Heer teamed up five years later. The goal of this energy-based modality is to get everyone in the world to realise their ultimate possibilities and eliminate self-limiting thoughts that hold them back from the life they truly deserve.

By gently touching the 32 energy points on your head, otherwise known as The Bars, which correspond to your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, emotions and other aspects of your life, you release the negative energy contained therein and find yourself turning your life exactly into how you want it to be.

Some of the numerous benefits that can be received from Access Bars® include better sleep quality, reduced stress, inner peace, mental clarity, increased happiness, healthier relationships and the ability to receive more. It can also address a variety of physical, mental and emotional ailments, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, insomnia, chronic fatigue, arthritis and skin additions, to name a few.

Access Bars courses in Australia

Why Study Access Bars®?

Whether you're a massage therapist, a counsellor, a naturopath, a yoga practitioner or what have you, there's no reason why you couldn't or shouldn't study the Access Bars®. Firstly, it's so easy and fast to learn. Secondly, you can use it to help yourself and others achieve the things they want in life. And finally, training to become an Access Bars® facilitator is a great way to expand your portfolio as a natural health practitioner. 

What Does It Take to Study Access Bars® or Become a Practitioner of It?

To succeed in an Access Bars® training course, you must be selfless, empathic, compassionate, a good listener and a positive thinker. Most importantly, the word "impossible" should not be in your vocabulary as the goal of Access Bars® is to realise everyone's possibilities. It only takes one day to learn the modality and a certificate to become a full-fledged Access Bars® practitioner. 

Course and Study Options for Access Bars®

An Access Bars® class is a one-day hands-on certification programme that covers the 32 points on the head and the clearing statement for eliminating energies that hold you back from your happiness. The class also involves giving and receiving The Bars sessions, wherein you can experience the massive benefits of having your Bars run and let others do too. The Access Bars® class is the foundation, not to mention a prerequisite, for other Access Consciousness classes.

If you want to become an Access Bars® facilitator and teach one-day certification classes, you have to take two additional classes with certified Access Bars® facilitators.  

How to Choose a School or Course in Access Bars®

There are many schools in Australia that offer Access Bars® classes, but you want to enrol in a learning institution whose curriculum is recognised by Access Consciousness. You want to make sure that their trainers are certified Access Bars® facilitators and that you'll be receiving the essential training tools such as manuals, head charts and instructional videos among others. 

Other factors to consider when weighing your options are the course fees, delivery method and location of classes. Scroll to the top of this page to find the best course providers for Access Bars® in Australia. Feel free to call or email your preferred learning institution for any concerns that you may have.