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Can Stress Actually Kill You?: No According to a Research Study

May 13, 2019 by Kat Tate

A recent research study about stress reveals if stress can actually kill you and how can stress affect the body.

Topic: Stress

What is Gout, Its Causes & How to Treat it

May 8, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Learn more about gout, a very old yet very real threat to your health, as well as its causes and treatments.

Topic: Arthritis

Study: Australian Women Over 50 are Riskier Drinkers

Mar 22, 2019 by Kat Tate

A research by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey shows that women become riskier drinkers when they reach the age of 50 years.

7 Ways to Relieve the Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Mar 18, 2019 by Amanda Fraser

Find out what causes acid reflux and learn about 7 easy home treatments for acid reflux symptoms, care of

Topic: Acid Reflux

Which Milk Alternative is Best For You?

Oct 3, 2018 by Kat Tate

Cutting out cow’s milk? Whatever your reasons for doing so, you might be wondering which milk alternative is best for you.

Topic: Allergies Food Intolerance

Adrenal Exhaustion in 2018

Aug 27, 2018

Adrenal exhaustion is also known as adrenal fatigue. Other names include hypoadrenia, non-Addison’s hypoadrenia and, in its most severe form, Addison’s disease. It is a modern condition that is associated with overwork and high stress, and it is ...

Topic: Fatigue

Boosting Your Immune System in 2018

Aug 11, 2018

Do you find yourself feeling under the weather a lot or maybe you’re just looking for preventative measures to stop yourself from getting sick? The first and most important key to this is a healthy immune system and the good news is that there are some..

Topic: Immune System

The Facts About Leaky Gut Syndrome in 2018

Jun 16, 2018

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that is thought to result from deterioration of the bowel, intestine or gut lining.

Respiratory Health 101: Coughs and Chest Infections

May 2, 2018

Find out more about one of the most common sickness - cough, its causes, simple home remedies & herbal medicine you can use to ease up coughing.

Topic: Coughs

Diabetes - Causes in 2018

Feb 19, 2018

Diabetes is a problem for many people today, but the causes are not well known. For this reason, we have outlined the commonest causes of diabetes below.

Topic: Diabetes

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