What is Life Alignment?

Founded by Dr Jeff Levin in the early 90s, Life Alignment is a range of energy healing modalities that can be integrated into one cohesive system and is designed to dissolve any past unhelpful cellular memories and address the question: "What is your true purpose in this lifetime?"

As an immersive and gentle holistic system, Life Alignment works with individuals and their environments to discover the true cause of energy imbalances, which creates an opportunity for change and fulfilment in relationships, career, physical environment, and overall health and general wellbeing.

What is life alignment?

How Does Life Alignment Work?

Life Alignment is a holistic healing system that releases a person from the past so that they can live in the present. It recognises the fact that many physical health conditions are caused by something much deeper than a metabolic disorder or an abnormal chemical reaction in the body. Using various tools like muscle testing and pendulum dowsing, the practitioner taps into the contents of the client's subconscious to identify the root cause of their problem that's been holding them back from achieving what they want in life.

Life Alignment enables the client to access their higher self, also known as their biocomputer, and observe how the limiting thoughts, beliefs, ideas and emotions stored in their subconscious have contributed to their current situation. This process allows them to overwrite and switch the negative elements with positive ones so that they can make a lasting change in their life and find their true purpose.

What are the Benefits of Life Alignment?

Life Alignment can help address several areas of life such as health and general wellbeing, family and relationships, work and creativity, and space harmony. It can help with various conditions like digestive issues, scoliosis, eating disorders, infertility, weight issues and low self-esteem, among others, by facilitating the mind, body and soul with the following:

  • Increase energy levels and heal the energy fields of the organs, glands, tissues and major organ systems in the body
  • Clear fear, anxiety, stress and depression
  • Improve focus and clarity
  • Release self-limiting beliefs 
  • Release trauma and clear karmic and ancestral patterns
  • Create relationships based on respect, sharing and freedom
  • Heal the wounds of the inner child and unhelpful family patterns
  • Heal attachment, rejection, abuse, grief and separation
  • Manifest fulfilling, intimate love connections
  • Align oneself to the soul's purpose
  • Express creativity
  • Create successful social connections
  • Manifest one's vision and goal
  • Harmonise relationships at home and the workplace
  • Protect oneself from geopathic and electromagnetic stress and microwave radiation
  • Clear energetic blocks such as contracts, negative family patterns, thought forms and foreign energies
  • Balance the yin-yang energies and harmonise the feng shui in the space

What Can You Expect From Life Alignment?

During a Life Alignment session, the practitioner will perform muscle testing and identify the priority issue, the root cause, and the various ways required to address them. Muscle testing is an accurate method of gathering information directly from the client's subconscious mind.

Next, the practitioner identifies the specific body points, related thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and will guide the client through the story, while using the energy balancing technique and Vortex tools to both receive healing energy and release energy blocks, toxins and negative feelings.

The old negative thought patterns or feelings are then replaced with expanded awareness, which in turn send positive messages to the physical body, creating a virtuous circle.

Sessions are performed fully clothed on a treatment table and typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. The practitioner applies a downward pressure to the muscle. If the client is able to resist the gentle force, it is an indication that they are either not affected or are strengthened. If the muscle yields to the pressure, it is an indication that the client is negatively affected.

Apart from face-to-face sessions, many Life Alignment practitioners offer distance healing over videoconferencing platforms like Zoom. Because the treatment works on a soul level, the effects of remote healing take place instantaneously as though the practitioner and client are in the same room. Life Alignment does not require multiple sessions as one or two sessions can completely resolve the problem at hand.

Is Life Alignment Safe?

Life Alignment is a safe healing modality as it doesn't require the use of drugs or any invasive procedures, hence it poses no side effects. The therapist works with the client's biocomputer or higher self to identify and resolve the root cause of their problem for good.