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Life Alignment


Life Alignment is a range of energy healing modalities that have been integrated into one cohesive system designed to dissolve unhelpful cellular memories and address the question: what is your true purpose in this lifetime?

Life Alignment is an immersive and gentle holistic system, working with individuals and their environments to ascertain the true cause of any energy imbalances, creating a potent opportunity for change and fulfilment in relationships, career, physical environment, and, health and wellbeing.

Life Alignment has its foundations in the concept that all things are made of energy and as a result are intrinsically linked. An alignment approaches the body as an open system, on the basis that you are universally interconnected and true healing only occurs when the body, mind and environment are addressed as a unified whole.

A range of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, pendulum, Iridology and dowsing are initially employed to locate specific points in time and any corresponding cellular memory held in your physical body. These cellular memories are associated with the frequency or harmonic of past events, creating a pattern or learned response to any future exposure to the same frequency. The presence and repeated re-enactment of unhelpful responses can lead to a state of mis-alignment with your true purpose, causing you to feel thwarted and blocked in relationships, career and many other areas of your daily life. 

Life Alignment considers time to be non-linear and works to clear learned responses that are no longer useful to you, or are inappropriate to the situations you find yourself in in the present.  As any physical or inner imbalances are cleared from the subconscious, fear and doubts are released and it is then possible to experience life from a place of trust and presence in the moment.  Any future encounter with the troublesome frequency will no longer be recognised at a cellular level and a new, more appropriate response will take place, one that is in alignment with your soul’s true purpose.

Just as a response to a physical energy at a cellular level within the body can be released and resolved, Life Alignment practitioners are also able to undertake alignments at home or in a business environment. Practitioners work with a range of tools and techniques including: Vortex Cards, Pendulums, Dowsing, Chakra balancing, Kinesiology, Feng Shui and Geomancy to help their clients to align with their true purpose and live their lives to the full with a sense of joy and vitality.

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