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Feng Shui (pronounced "Fung Schway"), is an ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging the surrounding environment in order to attract positive life energy, or "Chi". It is understood that people are affected by their environments, either positively or negatively. Feng Shui aims to unblock obstructions or obstacles, so that the Chi may flow smoothly.

Feng Shui Tips & Basic Feng Shui

The origins of Feng Shui, meaning “wind and water”, date back thousands of years when it was originally used to choose burial sites for wealthy Chinese and Royal palace locations. People studied the signs that the earth left behind, such as wind worn trees or meandering streams in order to avoid problems of flooding or wind damage when constructing important buildings.

The Westernised version of Fung Shui is simpler, but still works with regard to respecting the integrity of the earth and nature. There are many rules for the successful practice of Feng Shui and these include the placement of mirrors, wind chimes, or plants. It can be as simple as the rearrangement of a couch in the living room or as complex as the best placement of a house on a property.

Consultations with Feng Shui practitioners vary in both length and depth but can help to achieve well being, from the neutralisation of features that are seen as responsible for bad luck and the achievement of a positive energetic balance.
Feng Shui in the Home


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