What is Life Alignment?

Created by South African holistic healer Jeff Levin, Life Alignment is a powerful energy-based healing system which incorporates different principles from several energy healing modalities. It facilitates healing of a deeply-rooted memory stored in the subconscious mind of an individual so that they can eliminate negative emotions that are deeply embedded in their system and realise their real purpose in life.

That painful memory or belief, which is labelled as an energy blockage, hinders a person from realising their goals. A practitioner of Life Alignment uses muscle testing to identify the underlying cause of the blockage and assist their client in healing their body, mind and spirit. In the end, the client can experience the wholeness of their true self.

Life Alignment Online in Australia

What are the Benefits of Life Alignment?

Life Alignment releases fear, trauma, guilt and other self-limiting thoughts and emotions resulting from energy blockages, allowing a person to live with more clarity, courage, joy and be at the present moment. 

If you feel something blocking you from moving past old patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions that were established in your subconscious mind by a traumatic event in your life, consulting a qualified practitioner of Life Alignment online through a reliable communication platform such as Zoom can help you create harmony with your true self, address your physical health disorder and maximise your true potential.

And unlike the traditional face-to-face therapy session, an online session allows you to receive therapy at any time convenient for you in the comfort of your own home. Just book an appointment with your Life Alignment therapist when you're ready and obtain the change that you want in an instant. 

How Does Online Life Alignment Work?

An online Life Alignment therapy can help you to achieve the change that you've been aspiring for in your life. Keep in mind that this modality is energy-based, so you need a quiet environment with no distractions so that you can focus intently on the energy transfer.

Before your scheduled appointment, see to it that you have the Zoom application downloaded and installed on your computer, or mobile device, then test it to ensure everything goes smoothly. You also want to double-check your webcam and the audio settings of your computer to avoid any potential issues. 

What Can You Expect From Online Life Alignment Therapy?

A Life Alignment online therapy session can be done lying down or seated. Before getting down to the treatment proper, the practitioner will discuss the issues you have at hand and what you want to achieve from the session. After the short interview, the practitioner will ask you to tune into the memories you want to address. As you do so, they will channel energy into your body, allowing it to go directly in the depths of your soul where healing is required.

This transformational therapy can take an hour or more depending on the issue that you want to be addressed. In the end, you should feel calm, energised and inspired to dream and work on your goals.