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About (Face-to-face & Remote Consultations)

Rochelle Ridley

About (Face-to-face & Remote Consultations)

Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Member since 2020

Welcome to Divine Evolution. I offer Flower Essences, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Bioresonance and Life Mentoring. Wanting a little assistance to improve your energy, enthusiasm and general life circumstance. Utilising a wealth of experience and knowledge, my techniques will allow you to overcome obstacles, release blockages and allow you to transform and take positive steps forward in your life.

Muscle tension Chakra balancing Relaxation Alternative medicine Frustration Telehealth Holistic healing Energy blocks Emotions Relationship issues
Natural Apothecary

Megan Clarke

Natural Apothecary

Gosford, NSW, 2250

Member since 2011

Megan develops specific programs for stress, fatigue, digestion, sleep, energy, pain management, female & male health as well...

Memory problems Lomi lomi massage Anxiety Insomnia Addiction Chronic skin conditions Psoriasis Endometriosis Candida Makeup

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