Continued Professional Education (CPE) Courses

Continued Professional Education (CPE) Courses (Australia)


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FAQs About Continued Professional Education (CPE) Courses

Are CPE and CPD the same?

Yes, CPE (Continuous Professional Education) and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) both mean professional training that one undergoes to enhance their degree of competence in their job. Majority of professional associations in Australia require their members to undergo ongoing training to maintain their membership.

How are CPE credits calculated?

The calculation of CPE (Continuous Professional Education) credits or points is based on the duration of a course. An hour-long training program, for instance, is equivalent to one CPE point.

Is CPD certification good?

Yes, it certainly is! Engaging in Continuous Professional Development activities allows you to not only expand your knowledge and skills but also keep your membership with your association. Additionally, earning a certificate from an accredited CPE course will attract more clients and increase your monthly and annual takings.

About Continued Professional Education (CPE) Courses