Mind Body Medicine Courses

Mind Body Medicine Courses (Australia)

College of Complementary Medicine

NEW IN 2021online combined get the best of both worlds – the convenience of being able to study most of the course from home in an interactive environment, plus...

Australian School Of Holistic Counselling

Become a certified meditation teacher & start your journey to become a holistic counsellor & empowerment coach!

Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics

Soul Embodiment Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy

Sydney - Mindfulness Training

Anxious, Stressed, Unhappy or Exhausted?   Learn the skills of wellbeing, confidence, self satisfaction and joy. Let us help you find yourself & the...

Health and Harmony Colleges

Learn Integrated Mind Body Healing Online for only $495Affordable and Non-Government Accredited Trainingto suit your needs.

FAQs About Mind Body Medicine Courses

What is a mind body practitioner?

A mind-body practitioner is a holistic healer who addresses the root cause of unhealthy thoughts, knowing that these trigger stress. In mind-body medicine, stress is believed to be the cause of all health problems that affect the mind, emotions and body.

Which is an example of a mind body intervention?

There are several mind-body interventions that can ease the symptoms of physical and mental health conditions, including yoga, guided imagery, biofeedback, meditation, and tai chi, among others.

What is the mind and body connection?

Mind-body connection refers to how thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect the body's organ systems and their functions. Simply put, what we think and feel can optimise or weaken our bodies.

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