What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Are you fascinated about the connection between the mind and body and how your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours affect your health? Mind-body medicine employs a wide range of psychological and spiritual modalities to improve the state of the mind and body, which this field of study considers as an integrated whole instead of two separate parts. Anything your mind does affects your whole being and anything your body does affects your whole being too.

Online Mind Body Medicine Courses in Australia

Why Study Mind-Body Medicine?

A course in mind-body medicine will teach you the principles of this holistic healing method which has been proven effective in treating all sorts of health conditions.

Certified practitioners of mind-body medicine live by healing principles that are hinged on the concept of mind and body being one and the same. Take practitioners of yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, biofeedback, Qigong and Tai Chi for instance. 

Being a qualified practitioner of this modality allows you to equip your clients with the knowledge and ability to influence the outcome of their life through the use of their mind.      

What Does it Take to Study Mind-Body Medicine or Become a Practitioner of it?

Mind-Body Medicine employs a diverse set of modalities such as hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yoga and many others. You have to be open to learning all of these from an accredited course such as the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine.

It can take you two years to complete the course of study, but at the end, you'll be able to use your knowledge and skills to assist people who are suffering from a range of health disorders, including heart disease, chronic pain, stress, headache, arthritis, mood disorders, insomnia, pain resulting from cancer treatment, poor immunity and many others.  

What are the Differences Between Studying Mind-Body Medicine Offline and Online 

You may opt to study mind-body medicine on-campus or through a distance learning platform. While both methods offer the same benefits, an online course gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace. Additionally, you can take other relevant courses at the same time without compromising your day-to-day priorities such as work and your responsibilities to your family and home.

Most schools that provide distance education give students the liberty to choose whether to study full-time or part-time and complete their program at the target dates they've set for themselves.

How Do I Choose a School or a Course in Mind-Body Medicine?

Your budget, schedule and career goals are the primary factors that you need to consider when weighing your options. Apart from the manner in which the course is delivered — on-campus or online — you also want to check out which schools and courses are approved for VET Student Loans to help you pay your tuition fees.

Check out some of the available online mind-body medicine courses listed above.