Best Applied Kinesiologists in Bunbury WA

Myriam Zaggia

About Body Wisdom Kinesiology - WA

Dunsborough, WA, 6281

Member since 2017

There is nothing more important in the world than your health & happiness!

Addiction Stress management Anxiety Fatigue Elderly Private health Physical pain Bedwetting Depression Allergies

Kinergetics Practitioner & Physiologist

Barragup, WA, 6209

Member since 2021

If you access and release energetic blocks within your body, your healing ability can flow and penetrate your entire body, releasing stresses that impede healing. Malcolm's unique style of kinesiology allows him to create profound changes with effective results. Experience holistic healing, book an appointment today!

Telehealth Musculoskeletal disorders (msds) Nervous disorders Stress Trauma Trauma release Addiction Cigarette addiction Control drinking Eating habits

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

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Amber Edmonds

Essential Kinesiology

Margaret River, WA, 6285

Member since 2017

Holistic health care for profound well being.

Emotions Brain integration Resilience Stress management Wellness

Lisa Gray

Energetic Kinesiology Therapy

Mandurah, WA, 6210

Member since 2016

Get rid of stress fast with energetic kinesiology therapy.

Vertigo Digestive health Joy Stress management Hormonal imbalance Bullying Fatigue Allergies Addiction Soul work

Desrae Edwards

Licensed Kinesiologist for Stress, Pain, Immune System, Etc.

Mandurah, WA, 6210

Member since 2017

Using her 9 years of experience as a registered kinesiologist, Melanie Kearney is very passionate about facilitating people to...

Divine feminine Reading Love Natural health Self-care Core strength Respiratory problem Resilience Reflux Hay fever

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Karen Mazzella

Energetic Kinesiologist

Bunbury, WA, 6230

Member since 2009

Service Category :


You can experience stress in all kinds of ways: physically through an injury or pain, emotionally through grieving, family and...

Shoulder pain Aches & pains Emotions Mental health Candida Emotional wellbeing Love Essential oils Knee problems Private health

Monique Sambros-Garvey

Leschenault Wellness

Pelican Point, Bunbury, WA, 6230

Member since 2012

Service Category :


Health and Wellness through Balance

Love Telehealth Brain integration Physical pain Knee pain Grief

Happy and Well Kinesiology

Life Empowering Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Coach & Womens Wellness Advocate

Bunbury, WA, 6230

Member since 2021

Service Category :


Melinda is a qualified and deeply intuitive kinesiologist and trained mindfulness coach who delivers transformative energetic medicine sessions and classes to clients worldwide. Through deep energetic space holding and by sharing techniques gleaned through many years of study, in clinic practice, life experience & commitment to her own daily practice Melinda supports her clients to reclaim their health and wellness and to achieve their deepest aspirations.

Mental health & wellbeing Telehealth Online consultations Online session Physical pain Emotional trauma Clearing emotional blocks Clearing emotional baggage Spiritual growth Spiritual development

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