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Health Effects of Flooding Disasters

Apr 11, 2022

More than 20 people have died as a result of the severe floods that occurred in Queensland and New South Wales after two weeks of heavy rain, and thousands of homes and businesses have been damaged. Flash floods are a disaster that no one wants to...

Ways Commuting Affects Your Health & Wellbeing

Apr 01, 2022

It's no secret that commuting can be stressful. Whether you're stuck in traffic or on a crowded bus or train, daily commute can be a hassle. But did you know that it can also have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing? Whether you're one of...

The Effects of Climate Change on Your Health

Mar 18, 2022

Climate change is moving further and more into the future every day, which means it will have a greater impact on younger generations than on older generations. If climate change is not addressed, the consequences might be disastrous, as its effects...

Yoga for Seniors: Good or Bad?

Mar 04, 2022

Yoga is a form of exercise that engages the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The goal of yoga's physical postures is to transform the body and mind to improve overall health and quality of life. Regular yoga practice leads to a healthy weight, slows...

Boxing as Exercise: The Pros & Cons, and Everything in Between

Mar 02, 2022

Whether you want to be like Muhammad Ali, lose weight or improve your cardiovascular health, boxing workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals. Throwing powerful punches on a boxing dummy or a boxing pad is a terrific way to increase your fitness...

Psychotherapy 101: What Does a Jungian Analyst Do?

Feb 25, 2022

A Jungian analyst is a practitioner who uses Jungian psychotherapy, which was developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 20th century, to help people resolve conflicts with others and within themselves. Distinct from the psychoanalytic...

What is Panchakarma?

Feb 23, 2022

Panchakarma is a cleansing process used as part of several other Ayurvedic treatments designed to detoxify the human body. Panchakarma treatments consist of five therapies that aim to cleanse and rebalance the three doshas, namely vata, pitta and...

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Feb 11, 2022

Holistic nutrition is an approach to eating that emphasises the positive impact of food on the whole body. It involves making good food choices, connecting to your core self and getting proper nutrients by eating mindfully. Explore the workings of...

Sound Bath: What Is It & How Can It Help You?

Feb 02, 2022

A sound bath is a meditative practice that entails being surrounded by ambient sounds produced by a variety of instruments, or even by the human voice, to achieve a sense of relaxation and deep healing. It is a powerful practice that can be incorporated...

A Guide to Full Moon Meditation: What, Why & How?

Jan 26, 2022

In many cultures, the full moon is regarded as a time to rejoice and celebrate. It represents completion or fruition. Its illumination intensity allows for the release of powerful energy from the cosmos and provides a spiritual opportunity for everyone...

Accessing the Akashic Records & How It Can Help You

Jan 21, 2022

Akashic Records may seem somewhat esoteric, but in reality, everyone can access them. Yes, even you and me. Think of the Records as an energetic archive of all of your past, present and future experiences, actions, thoughts, emotions, words and relationships...

The MIND Diet: A Beginner's Guide

Jan 17, 2022

The MIND diet is an important tool for protecting your brain health as you age. Following the diet closely may help reduce the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, by up to 53%. Gradually making changes to your eating habits and replacing...

Sugar Sucks Diet: Is a Low Sugar Diet Good for You?

Jan 14, 2022

A low sugar diet can help you maintain optimal health by regulating blood sugar levels, reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes, improving dental health and boosting weight loss efforts. However, low-sugar diets are not ideal for everyone, which is...

Home Health Care: What Is It & Who Needs It?

Jan 12, 2022

Home health care is the preferred option for seniors who prefer to remain in their homes rather than go to a nursing home or assisted living facility since home health workers can provide practically all services at home, with the exception of emergency...

Occupational Therapy Explained: What Exactly Do Occupational Therapists Do?

Jan 10, 2022

Occupational therapy is an allied health profession that helps people to achieve their goals by working on three main areas: skills, function and health. An occupational therapist will assess each person's individual needs and create a treatment plan...

Schema Therapy: Basic Principles, Benefits & Everything You Need to Know

Dec 09, 2021

What is the goal of schema therapy and what makes it an extraordinary therapy for personality disorders, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders? Schema therapists help their clients identify their core emotional needs so they can learn...

Think Thin: Virtual Gastric Banding 101

Nov 16, 2021

The days of diet pills and crash diets are over. Many people looking for a healthier alternative to weight loss have turned to the virtual gastric band in the past decade or so. Those who have undergone the virtual gastric band procedure typically...

All You Need to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Nov 09, 2021

For wound healing, head injuries, diabetic wounds and tissue hypoxia, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is found to be a better approach than oral medications, surgery or topical remedies. Learn what it is, why it has a high prevalence around the world, and...

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Family Therapy

Oct 07, 2021

Family therapy is a type of mental health service that helps to heal relationships within families. This article aims to provide readers with the basic knowledge needed to understand how family therapy works and what it can do for your loved ones.

All You Need to Know About Soul Coaching

Oct 05, 2021

Do you sometimes feel as though you are wandering aimlessly in this world? Almost as if you are being controlled by some entity, whether it's someone or something else, and do things automatically without understanding why. Losing your connection with...

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