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Claire Maree Besley

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Inspirited Solutions - Self Directed Healing Training

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Training

Heal Quickly, Easily & Permanently

Self Directed Healing Training

Discover the success you have been dreaming of with your clients. Enjoy delivering results that are powerful, permanent and fast. The new era of healing has begun! Become part of the revolution with this innovative and simple Self Directed Healing (SDH) process created by Claire Besley, Principle healer and teacher for Inspirited Solutions.

What is SDH?

Self Directed Healing helps clients to improve mindset, process emotional challenges effectively and solidify self-worth.

Inspirited Solutions has discovered over years of experience, that if you change blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs on the mental, emotional and physical levels the belief is changed completely. SDH creates rapid and pinpointed emotional release for deep healing.

Inspirited’s SDH process is powerful, it enables you to rewire the neural pathways and clear all blocked emotion in the body so that the debilitating locks, blocks and triggers that your clients have lived with all their lives are replaced with beliefs and feelings that enable them to live un-limited.

The SDH training program is a 10 step course that teaches you how to become an SDH practitioner.

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Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training 3 Day live Masterclass - Course runs 4 times a year. Contact us for dates.

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Training Program

The SDH process is so advanced that clients heal deep pain, trauma and stress after only one healing session. There is no form of muscle testing, reiki or hands-on healing required. SDH is at the cutting edge of healing. It is the most rapid and sustainable form of healing in the modern world.

What is most exciting about SDH is that it is simple and can be learned quickly by anyone.

The course is delivered to you over 3 days and is run 4 times a year.

See below for the latest training dates and an outline of the 10 Module that will be covered in the training.

Session Measuring & Testing Protocols

1. Session measuring and testing protocols.

Each client session requires emotional and psychological before and after measuring and testing in order to accurately determine the client's emotional state and what elements/issues require the most attention. The ability to prioritise these effectively and reflect the rational back to the clients is also critical.

This workshop will enable you to:

    • effectively determine and assess the client’s emotional state of health using the SDH session testing program.
    • agree a clear and reasonable objective for the client, to be achieved in the session.
    • prioritise which areas need the most attention and how to analyse the issues so that you can understand them and approach them using a meaningful and constructive method.
    • retest at the end of the session so that the client and yourself have complete clarity on the success of the session as the improvements have been measured and tracked.

2. Emotional Consciousness Training

Learn how to use powerful tools for self-reflection created by Inspirited to help clients identify their own state of emotional consciousness.
3. Connecting the dots - how to identify limiting belief systems effectively

Learn how to accurately and quickly diagnose the core limiting beliefs that your client is holding both consciously and unconsciously so that you can help them create a powerful and profound shift.

This process creates a powerful alignment between heart and mind for your client.
4. Inner Child SDH component – healing the past

Learn how to deliver SDH Inner child emotional release techniques that have been designed for fast and deep childhood emotional healing.
5. Emotional release training

Learn the SDH release technique that enables the client to quickly release repressed emotion that has been in the subconscious and the physical body for years, enabling both physical and emotional healing.
6. Empathy and clairsentients training

This training enables you to sit in clients energy empathically so you can feel what they are feeling and identify where the blocked energy in their body is stored.
7. How to accelerate trauma processing

Learn how to release clients with a history of trauma from emotional pain and belief systems created as a result of the trauma.
8. Addiction release

Learn how to release your clients from addiction by diagnosing the root cause of the addiction and taking them through the craving process in the physical body to release trapped pain memory/craving from the body.
9. Timeline emotional release

Learn how to incorporate timeline therapy with the SDH process so that the client releases the emotions held in the body and consciousness as a result of the past events as well as the cognitive belief systems created the event.
10. Quantum shift training

Using SDH tools this process teaches you how to take the client into the states of joy and peace during a session, demonstrating to them what is possible for them emotionally and enabling them to dramatically shift their perceptions of themselves and their lives so that they can become happier and more resolved within themselves.

Is SDH training for you?

Are you a naturally empathetic and compassionate person?

Do you feel a deep love for all people, and have a desire to help make this world a healed and happy place.

Do you have a passion for helping other people emotionally or mentally?

Or, have you been through the SDH process and now you are ready to help others?

Or, are you a healer or an alternative therapist that wants to go to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these AND you want to help people to:

Release their old patterns?

Clear their emotional blockages?

Obliterate the beliefs that have held them back all their lives?

Then this training is for you 🙂

Why choose SDH?

Learn how to help others realise their potential, let go of limitations and HEAL THEMSELVES.

SDH is the latest and most effective way to help clients step into the best version of themselves FAST. There is NO hands-on healing or muscle testing required. SDH shifts the negative belief systems and uncomfortable emotions on ALL levels, mental emotional and physical. Your clients will actually LEARN to FEEL their emotions and understand how to identify where they came from and why. Your clients will gain deep self-awareness and sense of purpose.

SDH is the ONLY healing process that empowers your clients to Heal Themselves. After you have helped them through the deepest blocks they get to leave with the skills and tools to keep healing.

SDH is taking healing to the mainstream, it's logical, easy to practice and the results are revolutionary.

Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training 3 Day Live Intensive Masterclass

Location: Inspirited's Port Melbourne Healing & Wellness Centre
Intensive SDH Practitioner training
Learn, experience and master all 10 SDH modules in only 3 days
Interactive classes - master your SDH skills on real people
3 days of transformational self-healing
All modules fully demonstrated by Founder Claire Besley
Receive on the spot feedback and guidance on all modules
Enjoy an exciting team environment
Join our closed Facebook group for ongoing support

This is a certification course. Once you have completed 10 practice sessions on clients and had your results reviewed and passed you will be presented with a Self Directed Healing Practitioner Certificate.


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