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The NTP Schools Promotional Program

With the ‘NTP Schools Promotional Program’, Natural Therapy Pages makes it easy for you to advertise your course and connect with thousands of students right across Australia. Whether you run a local one day workshop or a 5 year bachelor degree, our bespoke campaign design can help you target the students you need to get the results you want.

You have complete control over the campaign, whether it be updating your listing to promote your latest course offering, to changing which students in which states you want your course to be shown to.

And with the Natural Therapy Pages being the most visited site in the Health & Wellness for 10 consecutive years you know you will be targeting the right audience

Some of our current school partners


We are a natural health school based in Australia. Why should I participate in the NTP Schools promotion?

Natural Therapy Pages is the #1 natural health site in Australia with a loyal audience of 150K monthly visitors . By featuring your schools and natural health courses as part of the NTP site, you get visibility for your brand and will be able to reach out to new prospective students. The NTP School promotional program is run by us specially for schools where we run additional marketing campaigns on your behalf and help you get enquiries from prospective students.

Do I have to build the school listing profile myself?

No, we have an in-house graphics team to help you build your school profile, including courses listing for free.

Can I amend my courses listing after it’s been created?

Yes, you can log in to your NTP account to make adjustments on your courses listing, or use the graphics team to help you at no additional cost.

Are there any other fees I will need to pay outside of the charges for the leads received?

No, there are no admin fees/set up fees/cancellation fees. The only thing you will ever pay for are for each lead you receive.

Am I limited in how many states I can advertise my natural health courses in?

No, the amount of coverage you have across Australia is up to you. You can have a mix of different states, the entire country or even pockets of postcodes that you think would work best for you. And these catchment areas can be changed as and when you need.

Am I limited in how many categories I can list under?

No, you can list yourself under all the relevant category types you think students will search under to find a course like yours. There are no additional charges for being listed under multiple categories.

How is my lead price determined?

The lead price is determined by both the school and ourselves. We will work out a pricing structure that keeps within your budget but also gives us the ability to give you maximum exposure.

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of months on the site?

No, this is a 'no tie-in' rolling month-to-month agreement, however, we do recommend running a campaign for a minimum of 6 months to be able to fully understand the campaigns true performance.

Am I charged for duplicate enquiries?

No, we only charge you for the initial enquiry. However, if a client contacts you again after 90 days we would then count that as a new enquiry.

Am I charged for sales calls/wrong numbers/'non-relevant' enquiries?

No, we understand sales people exist and that mistakes happen. We can’t stop those but we definitely don’t want to charge you for them when they occur.

Are there any charges for creating a course listing?

No, building and publishing your courses on the site comes at zero cost.

Are there any charges for cancelling my course listing?

No, if you do decide to cancel your listing for whatever reason, there are no costs associated.

How can I get my course to appear at the top of the search results?

Schools are listed in accordance with how much a school pays for each of their leads. If you would like to be listed higher in the directory then just pay a little more.

Can I limit how many leads I receive each month?

You can. We set a lead 'cap' for your campaign which, when hit, means your campaign for the month is finished until the new month begins. When your campaign hits its lead limit, your courses are hidden from search results for the remainder of the month

Can I increase my lead 'cap' mid-month?

Of course. If you happen to hit your limit, the team will contact you to see if you would like to potentially receive a few more leads. As to whether you do that is always up to you.

If I don’t receive any leads in the month, will I incur any charges?

No. If you didn’t receive any leads then the cost to you that month is nothing.

Can I amend my campaign settings mid-month?

Absolutely. You can change your categories, catchment areas, course details, lead cap, etc. The campaigns are fully flexible and can be adjusted in accordance with what you need. Just contact the team who will be happy to help.

How do the fees work? How is my monthly bill calculated?

Your invoice is calculated by multiplying the number of leads you have received this month by your lead price. And that’s it, there are no other hidden charges to worry about.

Am I still charged for a lead even if the student doesn’t sign up?

Yes, we leave it up to you to sell your course. However, your conversion rate is just as important to us as it is to you, as we need for you to be a success so we can keep you as a customer. If you are having trouble converting leads, then let us know. Maybe there is something we can help you with.

Do you accept listings for online health course offerings?

Yes. If you offer online courses, distance learning and/or remote learning sessions, you can also promote them here via our NTP Schools Promotional Program.

What online courses can we promote for our school listings?

Here is a list of online courses we currently list on our websites:
  • Online Ayurveda Courses
  • Online Counselling Courses
  • Online Energy Healing Courses
  • Online Life Coaching Courses
  • Online Massage Courses
  • Online Meditation Courses
  • Online Mind Body Medicine Courses
  • Online Naturopathy Courses
  • Online Nutrition Courses
  • Online Personal Training Courses
  • Online Psychotherapy Courses
  • Online Spiritual Healing Courses
  • Online Weight Management Courses
But we can add more if you offer online courses not already available.